5K+ with one HTC base only - summary and question


Hi All,

Question 1:
Is tracking with HTC base is smoother vs no base?

Question 2:
Impossible to make my Pimax 5k+ tracked with 1 HTC base (I don’t have controllers and only 1 base)

I have read some posts, but it is ot clear if we need 2 bases, or one base and controllers, or 2 bases and 2 controllers, or if I need to try to found a solution with my current set up.

Thank you for your support


If your looking to use for Sims 1 LH will work nicely no controllers needed.

@neal_white_iii @jTeller both Use one I believe.


I’m only using 1 basestation and no VR controllers. It works fine for seated games and provides a full 6 DoF (degrees of freedom) experience.


Thank you very much for your answers
Since then I received a beta Pitool from the support (very reactive btw), it solved my issue, now my 5k+ is tracked very well with 1base and no controler.

I can enjoy iracing, still some issues with ACC but I need to spend more time on it :wink:
Thank you