5K XR? Is this the BE?



What is the 5k XR? Is the a renamed 5k BE? I had the 5k Plus and it was a very nice HMD but opted to sell it and get a 5k BE since I have a 4k with the OLED screens and although I had more screen door with the OLED, the primary game I play is Elite and the contrast and colors were better in the 4k so I am hoping the 5k BE (or XR?) will give me the best of both worlds, larger POV, reduced SDE and even more readable text but now I don’t see the BE in the store, just the XR and to be honest the store is confusing the way it is setup and I do not see anywhere to check ship dates… can someone in the know explain the versions of the 5k and any info on ship dates?


Yes. Same thing. 5K eXtended Range if I remember correctly… :wink:


Yup. XR = BE, without the extra secret special ultimate costumer support for businesses :stuck_out_tongue:


are they currently shipping or is there a wait on them? I definately after using the 5K+ would prefer the OLED version mainly because I generally play driving or space games and I can trade SDE for contrast.


The XR is the 5k Oled(BE).

The Pimax you had was not the 4k; The Pimax B1 featured oled QHD (2560×1440p) screen.


I know I had the B1 - I liked it better than the 4k and I did try the 5k plus but liked the contrast with the B1 so I sold the 5k with the aim of picking up a 5k BE (or XR) but I am not sure if they are shipping them yet or not or what is up with that - the store page for PiMax need ALOT of work as I find it confusing. Trying to find out if I order one when I could expect to actually get it.