5k XR needs a mandatory screensaver if there are no apps trying to take control over it



It’s OLED screen, which burns out. If you forget to turn it off. it will get damaged in long-term perspective.
I suggest to use simple snake of letters rolling through screen in random patterns - snake can hold branding, as well as will not be static load on pixels.

It’s a must, because headsets will be burned.


On my XR, the displays goes to sleep mode after a short time without usage (laying on the floor or desk). It doesnt completely turn off the displays but it turns the image black at least. Good point though, a random screen saver could be an option.


I never understood the idea of the screensaver… it’s always better to turn the screen off.


It shows that headset is still active and ready to use, while not damaging the screen with static images if mountains or pimax logo


Turn PiHome off for better performance. The pimax logo can be replaced with a blank jpg.

But yes with Oled need screen protect the screens.