60$ on top of the 179$ pice for valve controllers

@peteo I think @PimaxUSA is referring to buying the full Valve package with basestations, which would be $579 IIRC.

Ive backed for full kit+an extra controller (to get what was knuckle parity at the time of backing+a lefty with a stick for direct movement games).
Am i able to transfer the 110$(that i added for the third controller+shipping) to be part of the index controller payment if i decided to go for the change rather than wait for the pimax controllers?

Ah I see. But don’t you have to pay $179 even if you bought just 2 controllers (and want to change to index controllers)?

To my knowledge, the only answer given for situations other than “full package” or “no package” was to make a support ticket, e.g. if you added a single basestation or controllers after pledging but before campaign end.

It seems the fact that pimax didn’t secure supply of lighthouses nor negotiate a price with Valve prior to selling them to us is the backers responsibility and will be charged to you if you take the option of Index controllers, and you get to pay shipping twice, and probably taxes on top of price.
It’s really a good deal…only the good deal they’re talking about is for them, not backers. Backers pay US$160 more for Index controllers and maybe tax on top of that too. Because it’s your fault they sold base stations with no supply agreement.

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To be fair to pimax they were going to originally make themselves and even had demo units at CES. But then valve changed their mind on letting 3rd parties make their own lighthouses (maybe worried that bad base stations could make steamVR look bad) and now they all have to be purchased from valve. Pimax definitely are getting an OEM discount on the lighthouses (I doubt the controllers though) so yes they did sell base stations and controllers with out them available (backers knew this, but who thought it would take this long!) also valve changed the rules with every oem on version 2 base stations.

It does look like people who bought just the controllers are getting the short end of the stick.

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Just checking the price of index controllers only is $279 plus $25 tax and free shipping from valve. — it’s a little more than the pimax deal

So with pimax it will cost how much $179+$25 tax — assumes this must be the same… how much is shipping and what is this extra $60 for?

I backed for 5k plus two lighthouse and two thumbstick controllers. So at this point, @PimaxUSA please tell me when you’re shipping lighthouses to me … as far as I know these are already paid for including shipping… I also am due the audio strap and glasses insert as well …

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That’s $179 extra on top of the $200 already paid for pimax controllers, thus the $100 extra. And pay $60 shipping even though we already paid shipping for controllers.


The 179 USD “fee” applies to controllers swap, not the basestations (which remain being the part of the backed tier). So the comparison is more between 299 EUR vs 150 USD (payed at the time of KS for controllers) + 179 USD “fee”, plus undisclosed shipping and taxes.

If Pimax shipped the controllers + lighthouses bundle free of charge and without any additional taxes, the Pimax price 329 USD will match the one from Valve (299 EUR) and I guess it will then be perceived as a viable option, and not as a direct loss (for a backer).

BTW: Who is going to honor the warranty for lighthouses and Index controllers Pimax distributes? Pimax or Valve?

I would also appreciate an answer to my question here:


Surly we don’t have to pay any shipping for the rest of the full package we have already paid for even if we upgrade to the index controllers . $175 is already too much . @PimaxUSA


Your methodology for this calculation is WAY out and completely wrong.

For UK backers upgrading, we only need to consider the controller price, compared to valves cost of £259 all in, delivered to your door in 4 days. If we don’t upgrade we still get the base stations from you so including them in your calculations is just plain wrong.

The actual cost breakdown of getting index controllers from you at today’s conversion rate of 0.77 is as follows…

Cost of upgrade £140
Cost of shipping £47
Import duty+vat £6+37=43
Shipping company customs handling fee £10
Currency conversion fee (PayPal and most credit cards @2.5%) £4

Total cost at Pimax prices £244. This is best case, with no customs check of the goods and whilst it is marginally cheaper, the cost is additional to the money we already paid for our controllers in the kickstarter campaign and means we are giving up the controllers from pimax too so the total we have paid is considerably more. And let’s not mention the benefit of valve directly handling any future warranty claims.

Now let’s say customs opens a package to check the item and sees it is a set of valve index controllers and base stations with an actual value in the UK of £537 not £179… Let’s rework that duty and vat calculation (and yes, the total UK value is the value they work from to discourage importing goods available in the UK)…

Duty and vat £18+107 = £135 bringing the cost to £336 + what was already paid in the pledge.

These are the actual figures. It is possible import duty on games controllers is actually 0% not 3.5%, depends who you ask, so it may be £6 cheaper on that first calculation or £18 on the second. Wahoo!

On a personal note, and I hope I’m not banned for this statement… shame on pimax for giving such deceptive information on “savings”. Even if unintentional, it wouldn’t have taken much to research and consider the actual costs before replying.

Costs for backers in other countries will of course be different.


If i’m not an owner of any pimax devices, can i preorder full bundle?:

Pimax 8KX
Eye Tracking
2 Index Controllers (left and right)
2 Base Stations ver2

In my country (Russia) i can’t buy Index controllers + Base stations from Steam site.
Also, i think buying full bundle from Pimax can save me some $ for shipping.

Can you add option to buy controllers + base stations on your store site?

Shipping to China If you have a Problem with your valve Controller is Not possible in Germany. Private person can Not ship accumultors abroad. Poilice Department will Stop the Box and send Back.

Valve Controller have build in accumultors These are not removeabel

This means, if you buy the controller from Pimax and it comes to a defect, the warranty does not bring much. The controllers once arrived in Europe can no longer be sent by private individuals abroad. Customs stops that and sends the package back to you. I experienced that myself because I had forgotten a battery in a WMR controller of my odyssey. Luckily I was able to remove them but unfortunately this is not possible with the valve controllers. Happy is then who has bought the product from the supplier in his country. On top there is a 2 year warranty and less stress with the service.


Good to know, but tbh i already doubted to order them from Pimax because of long shipping and possible warranty issues. It would have been far more easy if Pimax just ordered per person straight from Valve to the customer. That way the costs will be lower (free in my case) and they wouldn’t have to build a money eating stock of them. It would also prohibit lots of questions on delivery time etc. Just order when you get an actual order.


Pimax could assign someone form the team to place orders at Valve on behalf of backers and let Valve do the handling, shipping and warranty. But it would cost them twice as much. The backer’s price for the controller + lighthouses (when it was in the bundle) was 300 USD for both. Buying at Valve would cost ~ 600 USD.

I guess (I hope) they have lower price when buying on bulk, though with Pimax, one never knows :slight_smile:. The consequence is that we are stuck with arbitrary shipping costs and taxes, which in the end basically makes it even worse for backers, but (again I hope) less costly for Pimax.

The cash grab is real. And you know how much priority they place in delivering goods once they have your money.


@PimaxUSA @Matthew.Xu @SweViver

If we choose to skip the “Plan F” option, will we still receive our LHs as soon as they are available, or will they be held until the Sword controllers are shipping?

Also, are the shipping & handling charges intentional or accidental?

Thank you


Also the people who have a $100 credit with Pimax can not even use it towards switching to the Index controllers.