60$ on top of the 179$ pice for valve controllers

Stop trying to compare the value, here is the only math that matters:

Option 1: You pay for the upgrade package.

$300 for the original package

$239 for the upgrade

$539 Total

There, you’re done. You have Index and Lighthouses.

Option 2: You do not upgrade, and buy Index separately

$300 for original package

$299 for Index

$599 Total

You paid 60 dollars extra, but now have 2 sets of controllers. Swords, Index, and Lighthouses.

Option 3: You wait for Sword

$300 total

You paid nothing extra.

Ignore all this talk of value, and just look at what you are paying for the same products.


To the Option 1 you have to pay additional Importtax and Fee for distribution to handle this. Cost are different in every country.

Face it: This is just an easy economical wizard trick…
Sell a product which doesn’t exist for now (+many months ahead) and offer a way worse deal to excuse it, so you can say at least „well we‘ve tried and offer a generous alternative“
nice if it works and people are stupid enough to pay for that. Sorry but 200(backed)+179(fee)+60(shipping) is a ridiculously bad deal for the controllers and plain stupid. (Better buy the controllers from valve 300 incl. shipping + sell index or sword when they arrive. Even if you sell the sword for 100$ it’s 200 vs 440…no need to be good at math for that
Genious actually to deal with increasingly inpatient backers.


yeah they are getting the wrong kind of hype. If he tweets it, everyone in the vr community and would-be buyers are listening.

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@PimaxUSA So I created a support ticket for a question regarding upgrading to the Index controllers. I only backed headset + controllers. I was directed to plan F for $179. I pledged an extra $210 for the controllers with shipping.

So the grand total is $389 USD + any shipping and taxes to get the Index controllers?

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I think theres been some misunderstanding here. I will check with the support team regarding your (quite unique) case.

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It would be nice to see a fairer deal closer to the actual cost already spent + real controller cost price difference.
All backers paid between $150 - $210 for controllers whether full pledge or just controllers.

I don’t see the uniqueness here.
Even without taxes I don’t get what kind of deal this is supposed to be.
Maybe I don’t get something and understand everything horribly wrong.

To sum it up:
Upgrade (in this case) means sacrifizing the backed sword sense controllers (whenever they hit shipping) + 239$ (without taxes) to get the Index Controllers (with other questions involved like warranty ect.)

With the Index controllers beeing available directly for 300$, that deal means rendering the value of the sword sense to 61$. (in other words, the ~200 backed $ become worth 61$ in a second) Please, please tell me where the “deal” is. This can’t be meant serious and maybe I understood something wrong.
(Which happend a lot with Pimax, so I grant a benefit of a doubt) Can U confirm?


Thanks Martin. Do you require a ticket number?

I also don’t see why pimax not simply offers to refund the 150 for the controller, so everyone can by them themself from valve and pimax has no problem with logistics. Instead they perform this marketing catastrophy by saying which graet generous deal this is…


I think he means a lot of backers that opted to buy the controllers got one of the backer all in packages that included the HMD, Controllers and Base stations.
For them they are possibly getting a “cheaper” deal than buying directly from valve.(the bases stations are only $100 each not $150 each) People who bought just the pimax controllers and converting to the index controllers are getting screwed though.

exactly what i am thinking too. Why should i switch?

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I actually backed the full bundle as well back then, still no appealing deal…unless I got something wrong.

Hmm, regarding the update I won‘t get the BS in December either since I‘ve backed both…
The text says march but I recall they send out the simple sword controllers out first, the sword sense gonna take… even more time.

Dont‘t take me wrong but it feels a little like blackmailing and forgive my sarcasm on:

Pimax Downgrade Plan:
A) Cut 150-200 $ from your pledge to get a 60$
coupon on Index controllers and receive your BS „earlier“ (need to pay for shipping though because it’s totally the backers fault for already waiting so long)
B) wait till March to get controller that you never wanted
C) wait till whenever to get the controllers you wanted since you‘ve proven great patience for years
D) pray to get a working useable device, because, yeah, you‘re first


You’ll also be outside of warranty, so you better hope your headset doesn’t turn out to have tracking issues.

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I tried plan F and there are no shipping costs anymore?

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I replied to the ticket asking for clarification, then sent me a different link to the same information. Still suggesting that I should be paying a total of $389 USD + Shipping and taxes.

Originally I thought of maybe buying the controller upgrade but after reading all this, after trying to talk with “customer support” - I agree it’s shameless money grab, a blackmailing, a robbery.

This is how Pimax will ends their reputation, for the last time, this time for good. I’ll be filing a claim with my bank.

Hi Arno,
Matthew said this: “Plan F is the upgrade of the valve controller. In fact, you have paid for the shipping in the kickstarter period. You don’t need to pay shipping again.
If this happens to you, don’t pay and please let me know.
If you have already paid for the shipping again, please go to the helpdesk to create a ticket to ask for the refund of shipping. Thank you”

The original discussion is $80 for shipping of controllers for plan F ?!?!?!?!?

I have already created a ticket but can’t seem to get a straight answer. So upgrading just the controllers whether you purchased the full package or not is $179 USD. I Pledged an extra $210 for controllers and shipping. So is my total cost of the Index Controllers $389 USD?