60$ on top of the 179$ pice for valve controllers

I just purchased the controller upgrade and I paid no shipping and no tax . I just hope that they send it soon .


Am I the only one to see out of stock for the plan F? :frowning:

Nope, out of stock here as well. Let‘s see what happens in the next days.

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I can order it but still with shipping cost. Now the shipping ist 35$? What should i think about this? On top still tax and 20$ for distributer to handle the tax.

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It’s called a weekend tax.
Where do you think the recent discounts come from?


@SweViver @Matthew.Xu
I’m reading lately that a lot of change plans.
But for those of us who didn’t decide to change any of them.
Because we have to wait so long for base stations to send us.
I am one of the first sponsors.
It’s been 2 years or more… And I continue only with the viewfinder without being able to enjoy the absolute positioning (6dfo).
It was commented that they would be sent in December.
And at no additional cost of any kind including no shipp

Plan F is back an stock and for me in the US the shipping cost is now $29 with no additional tax. Much easier pill to swallow at least.

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I wouldn’t recommend paying for it. Matthew Xu said “you have paid for shipping in the kickstarter period, you don’t need to pay shipping again. If this happens to you, don’t pay and please let me know”
I’ve contacted matthew but a lot of people try contacting him so my one message probably won’t help


Bumping this thread. Should the shipping be added or not? Waiting to pull the trigger until this gets an official response.

@Matthew.Xu @PimaxUSA @PimaxVR @SweViver


Like I said before, @Matthew.Xu said not to pay for shipping so I’m not making a move until its free.
Additionally, Matthew hasnt been online the forums for 2 days now. Sweviver was on a few hours ago but hasnt posted anything since yesterday

So I paid the $60 shipping fee - I had backed and paid for both the controllers and lighthouses during the kickstarter - does that mean I am entitled to $60 back? am I understanding this correctly?


Yes, if they keep the promise.


@Matthew.Xu @SweViver

Checkout is still adding 35$ on top of the 179$ for shipping.

Will that be fixed? Don’t want to go through the hustle to end up with more
coupons + saving your time to send money back.

I think it’s best for everybody, company+backers, to go as straight forward as possible with this as sending out BS+Index Controllers is supposed to happen…soon.
As you confirmed, I backed the full package I should not pay shipping twice since the controllers will come with the BS anyway.


@Matthew.Xu @PimaxUSA @SweViver

Agreed; additionally the $180 pricetag was, I thought, meant to include all the extraneous handling, testing and repackaging costs. Therefore S&H on top of that is double-dipping.

It’s obviously not meant to have S&H applied, but then why not just fix it? Literally, how hard could it be to toggle “free shipping” on that item in the backend?

Please fix this, Pimax, so we can order the controllers and start waiting for them with anticipation. I have been waiting all year to really use my headset, and irrationally adding these few days of uncertainty at the very end is exceptionally aggravating.


I advice everybody to be cautious with the word “promise” around here for a long list of reasons. There are simply too many X and Ys involved.
Apart of that it was only a statement from one, very respected though, Pimax official for now.

I only gonna believe it when checkout says 179$
Even then, it’s still no bargain way to get index controllers but I’m longing to finally see something for my money, even if it means paying a little more.(~10%) As of now there are no alternatives to the index controllers anyway, so I don’t mind to end up with those.
But my pledge money was given a long time ago + 179$ is the maximum I’m willing to pay for it.


No answer yet… will we get ignored again, like we’re used to?

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dont be surprised If fedex holds your package hostage on the day of delivery

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Still no news on that topic.
Wrote to support 5 days ago, no reply there either.

@PimaxUSA @Matthew.Xu @SweViver

Please simply answer:
A) It‘s a mistake that backers get charged, again, for shipping when using the upgrade to index on the site and it will be fixed asap.
Backers that already payed will get their money back.

B) Backers need to pay again for shipping, despite they have already payed for it. So take it or leave it.

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