72 hz flickering



GPU Vega 64, CPU ryzen 2700x.
72hz and 64hz produce weird flickering, 90 hz is fine.



Some people are just more susceptible to seeing flicker at lower refresh rates in VR.


No. Just hardware/software error.


Is this on initially changing the refresh rate? When I first change mine I get odd tearing, and need to restart the hmd another time before it works properly


There seems to be continuing issues getting Amd Vega gpus working correctly. But @PimaxUSA has said they speak with Amd often/daily? So it is curious why it works good on other headsets.

I imagine they are working on it as it has had problems since last year & other Amd users are waiting on an update. Surprisingly it seems to be fine on my old r9 390; so likely something to do with a change in the Vega Architecture that affects pimax headsets specifically.


https://youtu.be/AQG88xJNI3g this is the issue with 72hz (on 64hz is worse). Also GPU usage doesn’t go above 90% no matter hwat i throw at it (cpu is OC 2700x, no cpu bottleneck)


Yeah Amd Cpus are fine. Seems to be Fury, Rx480/580 & Vega Gpus are having a lot of issues.

I & others have the r7 2700x cpu with 0 problems.


I never had issues with vega in normal games or VR, is just 72hz,64hz on pimax5k that doesn’t work. Seems to be software issue if Nvidia work fine.


I did restart it 2 times, flickering wont disappear