$80 for shipping of controllers for plan F ?!?!?!?!?

Very good to hear, thank you very much. I’m loving the communication you are providing nowadays


@Matthew.Xu thx a lot for the heads up and finally someone clarifying that matter, appreciate it!

while 179$ is still no bargain (+pledged money vs index direct price) it‘s getting an option that is worth considering.
While we still don‘t know if sword or sword sense are going to be shipped out in march. (Think this information was not precise on purpose)
My guts tell me that it’s about the simple sword.
Who knows when the sword sense will be available, and those are the ones we want.
But considering how long it took even for a big company like valve to get the index controllers right …

So IF the 179 are fix (incl. tax and shipping), the loss is…neglectable… and includes a safer feeling to get a product that works since it’s already on the market for quite some time and with fixed bugs + getting it way earlier (although already late)

Again, thx for bringing light into that chaos and I hope I can take your word for it, since no one else replied to that matter.

the $179 is the total price no taxes and no shipping since we paid for that during the kickstarter


I’ve just ordered them and was charged 35$ shiping will I get those also refundet? I’ve backed the 8k Full bundle. Wouldn’t be to sad if that was not the case, but from my understanding I already payed for shipping right?

@Matthew.Xu stated that shipping was covered when you paid for kickstarter and if yiu accidentally paid for shipping in the Pimax store, to contact him about it

I ordered them yesterday and was not charged for delivery. Last week they wanted to charge me $80 . @Matthew.Xu has confirmed that backers who backed the full bundle don’t have to pay for delivery.

I also ordert the Controller Lighthouse Bundle yesterday and was charged $ 35. On the bottom auf the bill it says: Standard Shipping-Box(Base on Weight)-Backer Only $ 35.00. Sounds as if backers now only have to pay half the shipping cost compared to non backers.

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And thats a significant issue, some backers have now paid $80 shipping, no shipping and now $35 or $40 for shipping. Within the kickstarter for the full bundle we already paid for shipping so id suggest going and making a ticket to get back that $35


Wow what is going on , it’s like playing the shipping lottery . Who keeps changing the shipping costs at Pimax ?

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I wanna buy, but still there is 39usd shipping cost. So what to do? Pls help!

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@Matthew.Xu, seems it shows different figure for different destination, it shows USD35 for me, since the shipping is free, could you please change it to zero instead of charging more and then refund? Thank you.


@PimaxVR, the $35 shipping for plan F is still there, could you please check? Thanks.