8K/5k+ owners : Some extra weight to loose?



Use your 5k+/8K and this


@nukular I believe posted this KS bungee system. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


i don’t think that’s a solution for vr, its not adding to immersion, it the contrary, unnatural movements like this will also mess up predictions of “low sensor” systems like we use atm
maybe with full body tracking and some special experiences in arcades?


Finding ceiling beams and bolting industrial grade mechanisms to your ceiling doesn’t sound very practical.


So this guy is selling $150 worth (retail) of hardware for $300 because “VR”. I mean its a neat idea and I may well try it out, but not at his prices when I can just copy the idea for half the price.


I used those harness’s all of the time in the military, they are neither comfortable nor worth 300 dollars. A complete and total waste of money. You can find them on amazon for 40 bucks.


New up here for a goodbone is around $200ca harness with lanyard. But agree there not made for comfort & his price is high as I imagine tgat’s US funds.


The long term usage of those harness is detrimental to blood circulation in the lower body…


Yeppers not good for health at all. Only meant to save you from a fall. But after that key is getting the person down asap.


I burst out laughing when it said “we are no longer held back” followed by clip of a man bound and held back by those ropes :rofl::rofl::rofl:


what you’re talking about is after a fall the harnesses dig in and can cut off supply throught the femoral artery… you would hope that wouldn’t happen just softly dangling yourself from the ceiling and the harness he is using seems to be one of the better ones that has separate leg and body loops rather than just the waist/groin loops that some have

you’d want one of the excercise harnesses plus a body loop, rather than a cheap “safety” harness
he’s also using 3 bungess which can be $30-40 each and you’d need to tune those to your specific body weight

still about half the price of what he’s charging, but not as cheap as some of the lowball numbers people are throwing around

it looks like he’s based his selling price on buying low volume in retail and then marking up, rather than if you were serious about starting a business you would be looking for wholesale prices and being able to sell at retail - his pricing strategy seems to be just slap “VR” on something already available as an excercise tool and double the price.

He even gives you the spring rates of the bungees he’s using in the video.


I only have seen the better quality safety Harnesses. Granted using the 3 D Rings is less likely to cut circulation off opposed to using a single lanyard.

So like the Spiderman Builders likely okay. But yeah over priced.