8k Arrived Oct 17 2018 (Heliosurge)


Part of m1 test Group Backer Number 444. Test Group given Priority to receive.

Shipping Details

  • Email Received: Oct 10 2018 with Tracking Number
  • Courier EMS
  • Processed Oct 11
  • Received In Canada Oct 15 by Customs
  • Released Oct 16
  • Delivered to Guelph Oct 17
  • Picked up on Wed Oct 18

Now have recieved both 8k & 5k+.

My Rig Setup
Windows 10 Pro
I5 6500 (stock) 16g ddr2400
Zotac 1080 ti mini
Gpu Driver: 416 (current)

Windows 10 Pro
Ryzen 7 2700x (stock) 16g ddr4 3200
Zotac 1080 ti Mini
GPU Driver 416 (Current)

After spending a decent amount of time exploring both headsets. I can say this BOTH are fantastic! For me I favor the 8k. The lessened SDE compared to the 5k+ is just better overal imho & those I have shown. Lettering is softer but not as blurred as through the Lense made it seem.

The 5k+ is indeed sharper but I find lettering to have the appearance of horizontal lines stacked on top of each other forming the letters. But as they still a great experiences. White larger lettering shows the flaws so to speak of both headsets pixel arrangements.

The 8k surprisingly for me was performing better than the 5k+ at equal settings in terms of framerate & both similar in visual quality.

Both headsets though really shine with higher settings & more stable with higher frames once I upgraded cpu to Ryzen 7 2700x!

You can get decent results with an i5 6500 with sacrifices on either headset. The 8k had fuzzier lettering on the i5 but was still decent. The Ryzen 7 2700x though really improved everything overall.

I would Reccommemd an i7 & ryzen 5 to get the most out of these headsets. Good cpu to ensure your card can have full bandwidth & no restrictions.

Firestrike reg run gained over 4000 in score compared to the i5!

Are the random dots on the 5K+ fixable?
Pimax 5k+ received! Early experience (Spamenigma)
Early backer initial reports

Distance - Arcade mode Sprint
i5 6500 16g 2400 with Zotac 1080 ti

  • Pitool v1.0.1.84
    Hmd Firmware: v2.1.255.147
    Render x1.75
    Hidden Mask: :ballot_box_with_check:
    Parallel Projection: :ballot_box_with_check:
    FoV: Normal

  • SteamVR:
    Video Auto
    Ap SS 100%
    Per Eye Resolution: 2556*2251

  • In Game Settings
    Film Grain: Off
    Real Time Reflections: Off
    Anisotropic: Partial
    Texture Quality: Med
    Anti Aliasing: Off
    Draw Distance: Near
    Shadow Quality: Med
    VR Render Scale: 0.95

  • FpsVR Results
    Average FPS: 79.4
    Fps Fluxuates but not Jittery.

Ryzen 7 2700x 16g 3200 with Zotac 1080ti

  • Pitool v1.0.1.90
  • SteamVR
    Per Eye Res 2872*2530
  • In game settings Maxed (Ultra!)
    Resolution 90

Stable between 69 & 80
Aversge. 78

War Robots VR: The Skirmish Demo
i5 6500

  • FpsVR
    Average FPS: 74.9
    FPS Flux Not Jittery.

Ryzen 7 2700x

  • FpsVR
    Average FPS: 78
    FPS Stable

  • Pitool v1.0.1.84
    Hmd Firmware: v2.1.255.147
    Render x1.75
    Hidden Mask: Off
    Parallel Projection: :ballot_box_with_check:
    FoV: Normal

  • SteamVR:
    Video Auto
    Ap SS 100%
    Per Eye Resolution: 2556*2251

Megaton Rainfall

  • In Game Settings:
    (VR) Smooth Fly On
    (VR) Blinders Off
    Video Settings Ultra & Very High

  • FpsVR
    Average Fps: 78
    Fps STABLE

CDF Starfighter VR

  • In Game Settings:
    Video Low or High

  • FpsVR
    Average FPS 42.7
    FPS Stable But does flux. Maybe pitool x1.5? & or Ap reduction on SS in steam.

InMind VR

  • In Game Settings

  • FpsVR
    Average Fps 78.9
    FPS Stable

Eve GunJack

  • In Game Settings

  • FpsVR
    Average Fps 79.6
    FPS Stable


reserved for later no 3


reserved for later no 4

  • Pitool v1.0.1.84
    Hmd Firmware: v2.1.255.147
    Render x1.0
    Hidden Mask: Off
    Parallel Projection: :ballot_box_with_check:
    FoV: Small

  • SteamVR:
    Video Auto
    Ap SS 100%
    Per Eye Resolution: 2113*2573

  • UNREAL ENGINE - Programs with Crash
    The above seems to work on programs that crash.


  • In Game Settings
    Quality: Low
    Resolution Scale: 50 (was 80)
    Performance: Graphics Card Specific

  • FpsVR
    Average FPS: 77.9
    FPS: Flux low of 69

Higher Pitool Render might be possible or SteamVR Ap SS%


Will we be entitled to have your impressions on the first headset 8K in Canada? I’ve the idea of asking you the same question about the SDE on the 8K 0 to 10 vs vive or rift?


Working on it. But still learning setups. What I will ask though I can’t get SteamVR to load Dashboard or BigscreenVR mode to launch aps inside of the headset. I have the steamcontroller which worked fine but it seems some update from steam has messed this up. Steamvr home loads but can’t get it to work with the gamepad.

Received Headset last Wed. In the process of prepping for a move so time has been fleeting & due to mistrust of my Cats don’t leave it connected as one of them likes chewing thing cables.

8k SDE using @spamenigma’s base I would say probably similar to his 5k+ or slightly better maybe a 3.0 or 2.5. With current settings I would place the 4k slightly better but might be due to getting used to diagonal pixels vs rainbow. SDE primarily notice it more on bright white & like colors. But overall impressed. I would say the 4k is about a 0.5 better to 0.75 than the 8k; but the lack of ghosting makes up for it.


I missed the fact that you received yours !!
How is the SDE compare to the 4k?


What’s your backer number (are you a backer)? I didn’t see you on the spreadsheet. Very excited to hear your thoughts on it!


my setup

  • Windows 10 Pro
  • i5-6500 (stock clock) with 16gigs ddr4 2400mhz
  • Zotac 1080 ti mini (stock clocks)


Backer # 444 however as being part of the m1 test group as support role like other testers was bumped to receive sooner. Still waiting on the 5k+ as i backed both.


Dont you own a 4k? I thought


Look forward to your feedback. How long from your shipping notice until arrival?
Who was the delivery carrier?


Yes detailed that in the SDE I edited & poke you in post see above.


On tablet it works fine. When did you get your 8k???


Package received in really good condition. No real complaints. Received within 10 days. Used Aftership to track & my Canada post apt registered it here when it hit Missisauga office.

EMS was the courier


How’s it running on stock clocks? I couldn’t even get the forest vr playing nice with my vive and I have a nearly identical setup.


Last Wednesday 20 chars


Haven’t got The Forest yet. Give me a couple of days & will post some info what I have tested with what all settings I have been using. Plus will need to create a new topic so I am not hijacking @spamenigma’s thread.:wink: