8k Arrived Oct 17 2018 (Heliosurge)


If you recieved yours early. Why did the devs who were promised early access not recieve theirs? If they are gonna stick to backer number. Shouldnt they actually stick to it?
That’s not quite fair on the devs who were told they could have early access.


Quit acting like a child. I am willing to wait my turn.


I not at all acting like a child sir.
I’m not even a dev. I’m only asking on behalf of the devs ive spoken to who have voiced their displeasure.


All testers were moved up due to being in the test Group & as both the RoV & TH article’s pointed out & the recent 84 version issues. It’s important to have folks whom can help users figuring out balancing settings.

As for Devs I can’t answer for pimax. Save that they have said numerous times they have reserve units for their use. Some of these could be in some Devs Hands. Some may have even had m1s under NDAs.


@light is merely pointing out a disconnect. Pimax did say backers first & it seems they also told a variety of Devs Early Access. Of which is important to help ensure compatibility with their own projects which = more working content utilizing pimax sdk.

But Devs need to understand any headsets received prior to Consumers is Early Access.

So it’s a big juggling act to try & keep all happy.

Think if pimax had released these headsets without backers being testers… Well we’d have a lot of folks enraged it doesn’t work right.


Thanks for the answer helio. That’s quite satisfactory. =]


Your welcome. Not everyone at times appreciates my open minded thought processes. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


Martin has tested The Forest on the 2080ti and he is only getting around 60 FPS . I think things will improve as Nvidia and Pimax improve software. It would be great if Steams smoothing solution worked. It would be a real life saver .


Indeed with new Architecture it takes time to be adopted & utilized effectively.

This is where we have 3 fronts here pimax optimzation, Gpu driver optimization & Aps optimization.

For example if game devs whom have compiles their games on earlier Unreal & Unity versions update their programs to latest versions will yeild better results on our new shiny headsets. :beers::wink::beers:


So how do you think the overall image quality compare to the 4K . I seem to remember the Spanish testers though the 4K was way better.


Good luck with your move…always hectic time! And congrats on receiving 8k! Its been long road my friend…:wink:


Neo said that he initially thought that the 8k had 1440p panels (compared to the 4k panels of the Pimax 4k)


Great news Helio.

Waiting for a full report on SDE (in Elite too) and overall feel.

Cheers ! :beer::beers:


The 4k does have a sharper image due to the Rainbow RGB layout.

Now part of this is due to the diagonal pixel layout & needing refinement to sub pixel rendering.

Now we need to understand though the 4k has 1 Qhd input at 60hz to upscale vs 2xQhd inputs at 80hz to upscale overall higher.

Generally were still more at 4k gaming. & were trying to push twice that. Gpu needs to work considerably harder.

Now presuming the Pitool & piplay Render Multipler values are equal. We can Pitool x2 where as Piplay x3. A 1080 ti can push the 4k at x3 where as we still don’t have muscle needed to push the 8k to x2 in most titles. The new headsets vs the 4k needs to have more environmental details rendered as well.


Is the difference night and day or subtle.


Truthfully still need to buy ED though I have the free Arena. & will definitely need cross input from users like @Enopho @SweViver & other die hards to find the right mix of balancing settings.

General Sharpness is definitely decent. Though in FPSVR is a bit blurred but readable due to the really smaller print. But games like Sector 36, Distance & SublevelZero are quite readable.


Ouch !:unamused:(20 characters )


This is perhaps a more difficult one to answer. I would say Subtle IMHO.

The Diagonal pattern of the pixel layout will be more noticed as it’s very different from what were used to seeing. So we are more proned to see it until we get used to it.

Generally speaking if you go with an overall the 8k is IMHO better as it has faster refresh, Better Brightness & colors.

The 4k while has ghosting, dimmer brightness & colors. Has the benefit of it’s driver being more mature as comes with time.

I would say to do a proper compare. We would want to switch to Small FoV & use a game with light enough requirements to max out settings & compare. This imho would put both headsets on closer level ground. Though may need to use Pitool to ensure both are using the same render multiplier.


Well I hope they gave Ralf, vorpx creator a pimax. That’d be cool. Really hoping that’s one of the 3 choice contents


Several things I’m hoping for pimax and the forest vr:
1 the forest upgrades to unity 2018 and I’m
Events lens matched shading, single pass stereo
2. Pimax allows us to directly use steamvr rendering as an option
3. Steamvr smooth motion gets better with grassy terrain