8k Arrived Oct 17 2018 (Heliosurge)


Man, I cannot wait to be able to try out my 8K in The Forest. Awesome game :slight_smile:

Having issues with the thing right now, and Formatter just stopped me from throwing the HMD out of the window.

I blame my Italian side. It gets very excitable!

@Heliosurge the text in game (ED) or in Virtual Desktop, Is it sharp to you? Any fuzzyness around the edges?
I find all text is easy to read, but it is not sharp at all.
I was going to play with the settings today, as I expect it’s something I need to set, but due to the driver issues (76 = Disconnect, 84 = SteamVR not seeing 8K), I think I will just wait till a new driver comes out.


@Heliosurge what do you make of Chucksta‘s perception that the screen door affect is worse than a HTC Vive. I guess everybody is different but that’s the first time I have seen someone say that.


Text in the games are easy to read but not sharp. The Diagonal pixel layout. Diagonal lines will have sharpness. Vertical & Horizontal lines will have a slight fuzz due to how the pixels stack.

This is over simplified

Look at the top L the blocks stack directly on top of each other.

Where as the bottom L stacks on the corners. The 8k Letters like “X” can look sharp where as most letters have horizontal & vertical lines which will have a slight fuzz or haze about them. The scaler is also softening the letters as well.

With Pitool. Launch Taskmanager kill PiServers & Pilauncher. Uninstall 76/84. Reinstall 76 & allow it to update to 84. A reboot after uninstall is likely best.

After it updates to 84 connect headset & it should detect. Also press connector in on the headset as @yanfeng mentioned as it might have come slightly loose.

Make sure steamvr is shutdown during the uninstall & reinstall.


I am not seeing that. In my experience so far it is definitely better than Vive Pro but doesn’t seem to be quite as good as the p4k. I think because we are used to standard vertical-horizontal grid we will see the diagonal grid more until we adapt to it. I find the SDE shows on bright backgrounds that are white or similar.

Now due to the diagonal grid pattern letters will have a certain amount of fuzziness due to how the pixels align.

8k = :large_orange_diamond::large_blue_diamond:
5k+ = :black_square_button::black_square_button:


I am looking forward to what you think about the 5k+ There won’t be many backers out there with a 4K , 5k+ and an 8k .


So it’s not that it is more pronounced just different to what most hmd owners are used to?


Essentially yes. As for sharpness on text it will not be able to have the same sharpness as a standard grid. Most letters are made mainly of vertical-horizontal lines. But in theory they should be able to improve the sharpness to be closer. But like a laser printer vs high quality inkjet. The laser printer will be sharper.

Yeah I can’t wait to have the 5k+ to be able to compare the 3.

To do a proper compare though we need to convert the 5k+ & 8k to be a similar fruit. Switch to Small FoV on a game that all 3 can be maxed to compare screen quality on a more level playing field.


Okay, thanks, Helio

What I see as far as the text goes, is as expected then :slight_smile: All good, now I know.

Just went back into ED, and damn that is awesome. Text all easily readable, and the ED universe looks great :slight_smile:

Now to set my HOTAS up and go in game proper :smiley:


Also would be good to have brightness and temperature control for the 5K+ before comparing. Cooler/warmer images can bias the perception of unrelated things.


Indeed without leveling the playing field one will favor one more. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

I remember Mom bought Purple Ketchup thinking ir would be the same taste as the Red stuff because it was cheap. The color affected her perception of taste. Lol


Do you have to pay import tax? I’m also in Toronto but my backer number is 5k+ so I still have very long wait time. lol


I didn’t get charged with any. But will Customs being involved this might not be Standard.

@pumcy received his m1 through DHL & did pay import fees. DHL in my experience you always pay import fees.

Now the 8k I received was shipped through EMS. So in theory if same ship method should be good.


So far it seems that the not so great black levels of both the 5K+ and the 8K have not held back the enjoyment of Elite Dangerous, which is great news because that had been a slight concern. Of course the sample size so far is really small, but for me it does the trick because I know that I have never been overly critical about black levels, while other people sometimes are quick to complain about it, so I will likely be okay with that of my 5K+ too… :relieved:


Yeah, the black levels are fine by me. I can read the displays perfectly, which is something I could not do with the 4K, that’s the big plus for me. Everything looks great, but could do with being quite a bit crisper on the text front. I’m probably just being picky, especially as everything is easy to read :slight_smile:

Playing ED is very enjoyable in VR.

Gonna be interesting to see what Helio’s view on the 5K+ compared to the 8K is.


Gonna fire up The Forest and see how that is

OMG, hmm, need to install Dying Light, and try that out using VorpX, unless they have implemented VR for it, which would be damn nice. All those zombies in VR!!!


Seems like ED is the winner here. As a base compassion compared to the Vive how is the view in the ASP? Can you see out the side windows without moving your head?


Not got an ASP - not played in ages, and a fresh install :frowning:

Here’s my left eye view - Normal FoV:

Training ship (Sidewinder) - take off and land mission

(not lens image)

That’s from the monitor, but it is what I see in my left eye.


So are you getting used to SDE by now or is it still annoying?


God damn twenty characters


@Heliosurge tell me this and tell me no more. The whole thing mrtv has been talking about with head movements especially rapid ones feeling off, scene moving with you etc. What have you experienced ?


I die everytimes I read the 8k as SDE or even worse, more SDE than the 4k :cry: