8k Arrived Oct 17 2018 (Heliosurge)


I don’t notice it in ED. Totally enveloped into the game :slight_smile:

I do notice it quite badly in Virtual Desktop. Very, very annoying in there. I need to have a fiddle with the settings to see if I can improve it.

I’m starting to hit games that require the controllers (The Forest!), so gonna take a look at Ebay now and see what deals can be found for the Vive :slight_smile:

I’m also installing Osiris New Dawn and Dying Light, and will be trying those with the help of VorpX. Plus a few other games.

Hmm, I should really create my own post. I keep on hijacking Helio’s and others :smiley:


Yeah it’s a bit disappointing. Once the hype wears off there’s no real advantage. I hope Pimax get hold of the new low SDE panels as soon as their available. 2019 should be a good year for VR


I play a lot of Palov…curious how extra fov is compared to vive etc…:blush:


Dying Light you can use Revive as it apparrently did have a vr mode. @Enopho ran ir on the 4k & csn likely give some setup tips. (Try searching Dying light here)


I have to do more experimenting. But in Normal FoV haven’t really noticed it; but might be there.


Even as MRTV admitted that effect only occurs with very rapid side to side head movement which is not something that you really do playing games so I would imagine that most people won’t notice it unless they intentionally do the “wiggle” test as he calls it.


I think that it is important to consider the different circumstances while SDE happens on HMDs, so it may be hard to compare it 1:1 eg. with p4k or psvr.
Have not tried p4k though but my bet is that the ghosting smudges and camoflages a big amount of SDE perception. Same with the psvr which has basically kind of blurr-filter overlay.
So maintaining clarity while moving with at least way less SDE than Vive/Rift can be considered a big step up using the pimax.


hihi…I played 6 hours Dying Light a day with the DK2 and it was soo immersive. Wished a hihger resolution :slight_smile: You can add “-vr” at the desktop icon then it is automatically in VR because the code is already included


You have a point about the movement and ghosting that diffuse SDE.

But on something that doesnt move, just like when you have the PIMAX logo when the 4k is started, I can see it and in some games, they are several things that doesnt move, menus, hud…etc
I was excited to put my eye on a vive a few days ago, only. I knew I didnt have to load a game or what to see how bad was the SDE, just the hmd started with spot on the ground with only direction displayed from steamvr, I was like ewwww I showed it right away to my kids “check this out” and they were like ewwww.
But we having fun with controllers and lighthouses ^^

As Helio said, maybe more SDE that the 4k but without ghosting should be (Iam convincing myself on this…) better in any ways.


Well, SDE is just one aspect of many, and it still will be an upgrade for most users coming from a Vive or Rift. I understand the sentiment of having hoped for it to be near extinguished when the 8K arrives, but still it does seem that the 5K+ and 8K are very good offerings for all of those who want an allround VR experience upgrade over the existing headsets (not counting StarVR).

If you used the 4K so far, I guess SDE and resolution were your absolute main desires, and you sacrificed A LOT to get these two improved over the Rift & Vive level. In that case I see that you may be genuinely disappointed because although you get a much better package, if all the other criteria where it outperforms the 4K substantially do not really matter to you - this will not be what you had hoped for. Tough shit.


My Experience with EMS is that, they mail you tax amount few weeks later after they deliver the package…


Not sure if EMS is China’s standard post or not. If it is I never experienced that ordering from DX.COM whom say free shipping.

So it might also depend on where you are & how the company pays for the shipping on their end. Time of course will reveal.


you can easily adjust those in NVidia CP


Only to a point. It has been said you can adjust these settings in the Nvidia CP when the headset is in extended mode & it will stick once switched back to direct mode.

Niw Nvidia does have some direct VR settings but not hmd color & brightness settings.

The 8k & 5k+ do not have Extended mode atm & might not.


you can also access it right after installing new NVidia drivers before you reboot it will show pimax as second LCD in CP


The 4k yes. But still only to a point as it will have limits to how far one can push. Nvidia also does give more options to adjust vs Amd Crimson in extend/video mode.


Yes I know.
Thats what I was hoping for until few days ago, but when KS launched and even until the website went down, it was on the front page : large FoV and no more SDE, since I own a 4k, I assumed it would be better SDE but its better than others brands actually. Will be good of course…but just not as expected.
Personnaly its not about resolution in game or what, pixels doesnt bother me but the lack of pixel does.


Is helio actually going to post some impressions or just flaff about? 3 days later and nothing so far.:wink:


The funny thing is, unless something has changed big time since the V2, I would say the SDE is really subtle. And I have to assume that the displays have not changed since the V2. And that of course was shown prior to KS closing. So I am not sure about the amount of blame one can put on Pimax here, at least in terms of changing the deal in comparison to what they demonstrated with the V2.

If they claimed during the campaign that SDE was completely gone - well, come on, that‘s marketing talk, just look what every other vendor claims his product performs and then do the reality check. And actually, the SDE was gone in their Fruit Ninja demo - when you looked at certain colors or at areas without large areas of one solid color. On certain other colors, if there was a larger area of it, it was noticable (if you looked for it) but nice & subtle, at least to me as a Vive & Rift user.


who cares about FN demo it isn’t even a proper game…
for me SDE is just as important as FoV and ghosting but looks like p5k is a bit closer to p4k in that regard and will be my choice most likely…