8k Arrived Oct 17 2018 (Heliosurge)


Hijacks Helio’s post again :smiley:

I went into Subnautica just now, and did not notice the SDE at all, and it was absolutely freaking amazing looking in game!!! Mega WOW factor!

They must have some VERY decent programmers on that game!

Haven’t been able to reduce the SDE (make it not so obvious) in Virtual Desktop - It’s VERY bad for me, but I did fire up Outland () film (1981, SciFi)
Big curved screen floating in space

It was nice :slight_smile:

SDE noticeable until I got drawn into the film.

I tried the same with my 4K last year, and could not sit through the whole thing. It made my head feel bad, although nowhere near as bad as with my Vive (was very ill from that!). The 4K had bugger all SDE for me, but I still had visual problems (text sooooo blurry, I could not read anything), which I don’t with the 8K.
8K, I am able to play VR Ready games and experiences and watch stuff for ages without any ill feeling.

I did feel bad whilst playing Dying Light, but that’s a software issue on Dying Light with VorpeX. I need to see if I can make a better VorpeX profile for the game, or follow Eno’s post on how to play it via Revive.

I tried Osiris New Dawn too, but that was a no go. Made my head spin. Yet again, I probably need to make a profile for the 8K. Last year, I played for many, many hours with my 4K in Osiris New dawn. No issues, and it was awesome. Tried with the Vive, and I felt VERY ill in quick time!


there are only 2 games I even notice SDE in my P4k at all – war thunder and ATS when I look at the sky :slight_smile:


If the sde is worse than pimax 4k, so I feel less interested in 8k. Because I don’t be excited too much for pixel in 4k. I always notice the pixel except some colour image.


I’m thinking that… your problem with SDE in the 8K is that HMD use a RGBW pentile. Then in RGB all the Leds turn on to simulate white color. But in Pimax 8K RGBW pentile it need to turn off all RGB and only turn on W (white). Then… 8K SDE in colors are very good, but very bad with white.


Those are some pretty good news thank you :smiley:

@Axacuatl, if you never tried a 4k, if one day you have a chance, (considering this hmd is out for a while now), worse a try.


Except that Subnautica is excellent visually in game, even the text. I can’t fault it. And ED is awesome, except for some fuzzyness around the text.

Dying Light is also excellent in game and text, but it’s unplayable for me, due to the very, very, very sensitive camera.


Has other image of large fov and small fov?

It will great if you can save both left and right image, I want to make to be full fov from 2 images.


with Vorpx you have to adjust mouse sensitivity in the game options since its linked to your movement, have you tried that? Also Vorpx has its own headtracking menu that allows to adjust the speed of the head movement even further, so what you’re mentioning should be fixable.


Normal FoV. I do everything in Normal FoV.

I’ll see if I can get both left eye and right eye images tomorrow (8pm here now - beer and TV time). It was kind of strange that it only had the left eye’s view on the screen.


That’s excellent info, and no I have not done that. I’ve not used VR or VorpX for over a year, so totally forgot about that sort of thing. Not sure I knew about those before, anyway!

Thanks, I’ll try altering those tomorrow. I love Dying Light, and it would be awesome to go running around the city in the 8K, totally pooping myself due to all the zombies around me :smiley:


Can use steamvr display mirror?

It can set to show left and right display or single view.


Okay, cool. I’ll look into that, thanks :slight_smile:


If you read my earlier posts haven’t had a lot of time to dive in. Today out & about between sunday & tuesday should be able to spend sometime playing to give more thoughts & such. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


Agreed though to see if it’s like v2 we need to load up our favorite demos The Blue, fruit ninja & such. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


Actually with us both having the 8k it can be good to share tge topic. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


My point was that many companies advertising their product will make bold claims, which in favourable conditions work out but often will be less compelling in normal day2day use cases. But few people will react as critical as some will in this forum about the same sort of statements from Pimax…


And I don’t disagree. I am just saying to compare to what we saw in the v2/v3 we need to load games we saw on them. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


It’s all about your frame of reference. That seems to be specifically true here. People coming from the Pimax 4k complain about SDE, since the SDE is a step back from what they’ve been used to. People coming from original Vive actually seem to be happy since it’s quite an improvement from what they’ve been used to. It all makes sense.


I’m glad for you, @Heliosurge. You’ve done so much for this community. :birthday:


Yeah I have been playing Subnautica on the rift having only purchased it recently. My first thought was that it was very hard to see the Sde in a very bright game. I wonder how the developers achieved this.