8k Arrived Oct 17 2018 (Heliosurge)


Hey Chucksta or Heliosurge have you tried Alien Isolation yet as it should look great on the 8k . Just don’t spend to much time enjoying the view or the Alien will tear you a new one ha ha.


Not yet. I think i purchased that one but haven’t even loaded it yet.


It’s fun to play with a XBOX controller if you have one.


Have 3 options… Wired xb1 controller, logitech f710? & steam controller. Also have a razer hydra as well (need to unpack it though)


Xbox one controller should be fine as it’s just a seated game.


Just wanted to take the opportunity to say that I really enjoy reading your post and your ability to communicate through writing in the english language is great. Some comments I skim through but more often than not I read what you have written and agree mostly with your opinions. Hope to continue to read your contributions as is not always the case they seem logical and well thought out showing a sound reasoning behind them.


Actually you have 4 options -KB/M

oops missed that lol disregard and delete this


Yeah me too. Very interested.


Those are image processing, not adjusting the lumens of brightness.


I hear extended mode tanks performance.


Vorpx has gotten much better.


Steam controller all the way!


2nd post updated Game Distance


Alien Isolation VR v0.60
Works nice though Framerate is all over the place played 5mins (no alien contact just basic explore)

Looks really nice. Game preset itself to Cinema 4k (not sure if graphic options affect fps) All In game settings max.

FpsVR Average 67.1

Pitool Render x1.75
Parallel Projection on (haven’t tried it yet without)
Hidden Mask off
FoV: Normal


They will probably ding you later.
It’s a government fee I doubt you’ll get past it with a different shipper.

It’s about $28.


That’s on par with what DHL dinged me on the p4k through Gearbest. Post #2 has had an update with Distance Game & war robots vr demo.


$28 total for your import fees? That’s not bad at all. I was hoping it would be low when my HMD eventually makes it way to Alberta.


Damn, turning the mouse tracking nearly all the way down, made a massive difference. It’s now great!

I ended up maxing out head tracking (set to 5).

Took a while to get used to the movement, as you moved where your head is pointing. That was a bit odd, but I got used to it.

Great game, but needs proper VR support, although it might be better to ban VR in there. It’s VERY scary :smiley:

Luckily, I am a masochist. Going back in :smiley:

Oh, and FPS is only in the 40s. I need to have a play with the settings to improve that, but I can play the game with that FPS fine.


It turns out that image I posted above, is the same for both the left and right eye!

I did not notice, because my right eye is no good (cannot be corrected). My brain tends to disregard what my right eye sees.

The above image, is what I see when looking forward. The right eye should have an image that truly reflects what it would see from that seat, but it does not. Anyone know if there is a setting that would make the screens show what the each eye would see?


can you explain how to play dying light with included VR ? i’d love to try that !