8k Arrived Oct 17 2018 (Heliosurge)


I will come back to this. Just out & about. First post has some thoughts on headsets. But will expand in it later.


I have adjusted the 4K part of your image to make it look brighter for better comparison:


Oh, great, so much better :slight_smile: the picture was really dark. Well, at that time I removed the blue filters from the Pimax 4K, it was actually not so dark, just the photo quality was poor.
I still have a few photos through the lens of the Pimax 4K :


@Heliosurge I’m curious whether you still favor the 8K? The reason I ask is because @mixedrealityTV has repeatedly been raising concerns about it and recommending everyone to go with the 5K+. For example, he mentions the issue of lag/delay when turning your head. He also mentioned that someone from Pimax was surprised that 8K backers are sticking with it rather than switching to the 5K+. My use cases are viewing of professional grade VR180 and VR360 high resolution photos and videos (8K and 16K equirectangular). From what I have been reading these seemed to be a good fit for the 8K but Sebastian’s insistent is raising concerns. I would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.


Sebastian has mention the lag as he cslls it Wobble. But I have not seen this effect.

Vr180 unless usings Small FoV won’t be very easy as swevive & others mentioned not much head movement.

@VoodooDE though also uses the 8k in his videos. Would be good to get his assessment on Seb’s described issue.

But yeah still prefer the 8k over the 5k+. But a lot comes down to personal preference. Myself I find the low vertical res makes the 5k+ a bit blocky. But not overly bothersome. If I only hsd the 5k+ would be happy with it.


I can only repeat what I already mentioned in my review:
I dont see big differences between 5K+ and 8K, I also dont see a difference of the delay between 5K+ and 8K.
So as I said, I would recommend the 8K if you watch a lot of movies, otherwise I’d recommend the 5K+, because its much cheaper.


I play games as if they were movies :smiley:

That’s why I decided to go for the 8k in the survey today.


After long debates and agonies of choice, I made a mark in front of 8K :boom: today in the survey

I will not deny that for a long time I wanted to choose 5K +. But lately, SDE 5K + has been compared with SDE VivePRo, and I don’t want to compare the new Pimax SDE with VivePro, I want a higher improvement in SDE.

Since the last meeting, some participants preferred 8K. @Nukular even compared SDE 8K with Odyssey +, and it really impressed me.

The majority also confirms that SDE on 5K + looks larger and blocky, but for some reason they choose 5K + because of clarity and smaller requirements for hardware.

I want to get the best SDE, the best resolution, so I am going to 8K, this is my final choice. :slightly_smiling_face::ok_hand:

I also hope that the 8K quality will be improved through software updates.
Look at the Pimax 4K, because it became much better with time, the Pimax polished it and made it more interesting, so I can believe that 8K will also be even better soon. But no matter what, with the release of more powerful GPUs potential of 8K is much greater than that of 5K + in my opinion, because it has a higher resolution.

I am very grateful to everyone who helped in choosing, answering my sometimes stupid questions :grinning:
But the choice was very difficult, not having a real comparison of both headsets. Therefore, I decided to trust the opinion of those who have tried both options, it was a big help for me.


I also kept my initial choice of 8K in the survey.
Thanks to all the posters who helped my make my decision with their reviews.


There been many people that confirmed the sde is much more noticeable on the 8k than the 5k. It really depends person to person and you should never buy something based on what someone else sees. Im taking the 5k since i cant see sde at all and i use the original vive.


Now all people who do not have the opportunity to attend meetings for backers must rely on the reviews of those who have tried both options and reviewers.
Most of them said they had less SDE at 8K.

I personally looked through many times all the comparisons in pictures from reviewers: 8K is somewhere better than 5K +, but somewhere 5K + is better. in the photo. But on the video clips I choose 8K everywhere. I think that the video is much closer to the truth than the macro photo. 8K really looks better on video in dynamics, a softer picture, more saturated and smooth. A 5K + looks colder, horizontal stripes flash, not so artistic.
There are a lot of video clips in the SweViver archive.

SDE 5K + is compared with VivePro, which is not surprising, since he has 2560x1440 panels, so here we must understand that he will not make a big jump from VIvePro / Odyssey. But its full RGB pattern will be an advantage.
On an 8K panel, 3840x2160 cannot be worse than 2560x1440 5K + panels, since a pixel is much smaller by 8K.

8K owners, who have been using for some time, write that they almost do not notice SDE. 8K really allows you to forget about SDE. I have received confirmation of this many times.

But of course, let’s be objective, the 8K diagonal pattern and presumably 2 subpixels brought it closer to 5K + in quality, and the difference between them is not great … But SDE is better at 8K after all.

I was personally confirmed by the real owners that 8K SDE is even better than the Lenovo Explorer, not to mention the VivePro … Simply, apparently, not everyone is accustomed to the diagonal pattern. But after several days, SDE is almost completely out of sight, even if it hits the eye.