8K arrived the 22nd october 2018(Ludx) (French and English 10 days Reviews)


I seem to be living in Bigscreen at the moment!!!


Yeah BigScreen is good, even got it installed on my son’s PC with the 4k.

There is now my second review (in french) after 10 days of use
Iam uploading now another one, in english


There is my english review of the 8k after 10 days.

Hope you forgive my accent.


Thanks for the review. Do not apologize for your accent. There is no reason to. You are French. If you didn’t have an accent it would be disappointing.


Thanks for your great review I love reading individual backer impressions of the headsets.


Got 2 news videos online, english ones, I’ve updated the first post, hope you enjoy. :+1: