8K arrived the 22nd october 2018(Ludx) (French and English Reviews)

Ok Iam sorry for the messages that didnt get answer here.
I am (hope its the good one) back after some heatlh issues.

Just a little update after a year or so, will make a one year review video in a few days.

Meanwhile there is how is my hmd doing :
A printed VR gun

A printed headstrap upgrade

And other videos on my channel.
Subtitles always available for French<>English

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Hi guys
Another video with my dear 8k
Asgard’s Wrath !
English version :

French version :

I have a lot to catch up, one year with the 8k and I release only today Lone Echo quick review…–>

French version

I am selling it.

PM me for infos and stuff.

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You are selling it because you cant afford upgrade? Why dont you just keep it?

You mean selling it now would not make me elligible for upgrade program? (@Matthew.Xu) Now I am typing this you make me wonder lol.

Well, no I can’t…:name_badge::cloud_with_lightning::broken_heart:

Turn on English subtitles :slight_smile:

As usual, for english speakers, turn Subtitles ON :slight_smile:
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The Forest VR :smiley: looks fun
French version but with English subtitles ^^
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