8K arrived the 22nd october 2018(Ludx) (French and English Reviews)


Where’s pimax dawg? They should be helping right now… @PimaxVR @Sean.Huang @xunshu

I hope you contacted them


Thanks guys
Yeah frustrating…tell me about it :cry:

If its just a usb issue its ok but it might be common.
And yes I contacted them, skype, mail and even here they have been named.
Iam pretty sure they will reply with a firmware and/or a new pitool…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I hope you get it sorted soon. You are not the only backer having problems as I just read that spamenigma has a problem with the left screen on his headset . Hopefully Pimax addresses these issues today. I would be surprised if it turns out to be a USB problem but with computers you never know .


Yeah where is Pimax support? What happens when 6000 get delivered in this state. Spacenigmas headset already has hardware issues. One guys headset got stolen from the letterbox because of the cheap no signature shipping method. eeek


Hi Ludx :
Try this way:
1.Enter the computer this path:C:\Users\XXX(you PC name)\AppData\Local\Pimax\runtime
2.Delete config folder
3.Restart the PiServiceLauncher
Now Beijing time is early morning, if the above method can not be solved, wait for the technical support will contact you, you can provide your Skype or email address to me.:slight_smile:


Hi @Green,

Did the 3 steps and it display the colored squares


At 4am in the morning?


? The guy made this post 13 hours ago. When it was 3 PM. Where have they been?


And if they were all involved in dealing with trying to get headsets shipments out.

Most big companies respond within a couple of days. Yes I want things fixed as quickly as things surface.

This is not a good situation for @Ludx & @spamenigma. But no need to fan a spark into a blaze.


I think I read something about direct support for the backers!?!.. now you can show your commitment to your fellow enthusiasts!
@xunshu @Pimax-Support


Like I said it’s early since these issues have surfaced. Put the pitchforks & torches away.


They’re busy trying to get the production line going. They can’t post progress updates, they can’t send tracking numbers, they can’t meet any deadlines they set, they can’t make headsets how the hell can you expect they’re going to offer much in the way of support?

Yet there’s a lot of posters here who think they are doing a great job? Amazing! :grin:


Try to unplug all USB items, especially if you have an xbox kinect plugged in. Only keep the absolutely necessary ones. It may help.

I now have concerns that we will be forced to run the blurry pietool .84 at the backer meetup as everyone is saying the downgrade to .76 is not working if the firmware was already updated. Sweviver was the only person that said he was able to go pack to .76 with his updated firmware.


HI ludx:
I have already told our technical support team that they will contact you at around 9:30 Beijing time. Can you check if the DP signal is not being delivered to the helmet properly? Have you used an adapter? Which city do you live in, we are in Los Angeles these days, if we are closer, we can look directly.

The jet lag problem is an annoying thing, and I will also give feedback to our team to better support backers.


Thank you Green and guys (Tried to unplug everything, even keyboard and mouse).
I use no adapter and the DP signal, when its delivered is delivered good, I just played Firma and Superwings, with Xbox controllers, does works without basestations activated.
Well Iam not that close since Iam in Europe, France and 9.30 Beijing time might be a bit late for tonight, will try anyways.


If you have the Vive LinkBox connected, have you tried disconnecting it?


Yes, with without, everything.


Actually one of the chipset driver update didnt update correctly (was before bios flash) and I reinstalled it and NOW its works !
Just tried Arizona Sunshine ^^

Thank you much everyone for help, reply and all.
Will leave a first (second) impression in a few hours. :smiley:


Don’t forget to cancel that usb card from Amazon!

Gratz! Was worried for a defect. So glad no defective units have showed up. Meaning quicker production :smiley: !


Off topic, do you know the Los Angeles meetup location and time? I am in Los Angeles but still no email about the lication and time for the meetup, thanks.


Great, please give us impression of perceived resolution and SDE compared to 4K.