8K arrived the 22nd october 2018(Ludx) (French and English Reviews)


So to be perfectly clear. The issue was not actually related to the Pimax hardware. The cause was a chipset driver install failure for your MB?


@jorgenRe Yes, did it right away.:+1:
@ziher I have to play with settings now, pitool and steamSS etc so about resolution, I have to test.
But about SDE and overall image remind me my 4k, just like if it has no more ghosting and a large FoV…hmm maybe slightly more SDE will compare this quickly since it (the 4k) now run on my son’s PC. Iam very sensitive to SDE, Iam really not one of them saying the 4k has not and so for the 8k.
@Torso Yes, had to update it again after bios flash.

Still blinking though


Great to hear it’s working now!! Also really interested in a good side by side comparison with the Pimax 4k in terms of SDE! Remember that the difference might be bigger/smaller when looking at specific colors, so try at least a few different games.


Awesome! Glad it’s all working. 1 issue down & 1 to go. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Phew! (Wipes brow, deep breaths).


I haven’t done this yet. But set pitool to small FoV & run a game thst both can max settings on.


Glad you got it to work! I’m a but confused though, when you mention a chipset driver update, you’re talking about Pimax firmware update, mobo update, what exactly?

Can’t wait for more impressions though, have fun and share your experience pls!


Nice one! Always good when its software issue and not hardware.


What is blinking? (20 char… *JHKHL


He replied already that is was a chipset driver update for his motherboard. The earlier attempt at it failed and that was causing the Pimax to fail. So it was motherboard related, not Pimax related. Pimax just suffered as a result of it.


I believe he means the blue chevron on the face.


In the early days certian mobo chipsets had issues for vr headsets to work. (I think was vis one of them?) So a chipset.inf not updating I beleive may cause issues with devices that have more complex needs.


OK didn’t see that, so poor 8k had nothing to do with all this.


Like the kid who has junkies for parents.


If you are referring to the chevron blinking then I believe that just means that the parallel projections option is turned on in PiTool settings. I think that’s what its called anyway.


Yes was that thanks for info

@torso Oh yeah sorry been trying to get it working for hours, I forget to mention it was chevron, that doesnt make me a junkie for that much, was happy to get it working and rushed to say it.


I have one also It’s a bad ass card! 4 independent USB 3.0 controllers.


lol… I was not calling YOU a junkie. I was saying the Pimax was suffering due to an issue not of it’s own. Like when a kid has terrible parents. It is not the kids fault. In this instance, the MB is the parents. Hope that makes more sense.


Does anyone know if the link box is required to use 2 base stations and controllers with the Pimax? I have both but I don’t have a link box and just curious if I need to pick one up. thanks!


My bad, didnt get it that way.

@flash66 no you dont need it at all.