8K arrived the 22nd october 2018(Ludx) (French and English Reviews)


@Heliosurge might as well make a cracked samsung thread now. Not sure if it would fit in the 8K category.

I guess we could label it “Sacrifices for the 8K (5K+) - Blood for the Blood God”


Updated my first post with news feeling about the hmd. :point_up: Scroll up :point_up_2:


That’s awesome to hear you have it performing on a 1060 6g!

Can you update your post to include cpu/Ram?

I think with the help of a friend found my system issue. 4cores i5-6500 is apparently holding the 1080 ti back. My buddy said you want 6cores for 4k gaming as min. Tomorrow ryzen 7 2700x is being built! :heart_eyes:



Helio, I think Iam experiencing the “world is moving with you” thing (its maybe not that but I think I can record that tomorrow).
It happen only in normal and mostly in large FOV.
Could it be related to GPU? Dont think so.
You know, its just like the 4k ghosting but this one is a frame displayed too late, when you move your head, when you reach the point and stop, once stopped its just like a previous frame is displayed or something like that.
Trying different settings right now but I dont feel like GPU too low, the framerate is smooth.
Maybe Parallel projection thing, turned it off but not better.


It’s possibly related to the gpu. Or possibly your a combo of the cpu & gpu.

I am getting aliasing issues but worst on the 5k+ vs the 8k. Apparently due to only having 4 cores i5-6500. A buddy whom builds crazy gaming rigs. He said generally you want 6 cores for 4k.

Try reducing pitool to 0.75 & see if that helps as you can supplement res in steamvr per ap overide or in game settings.


these high core count chips are good for high 1% lows. I’m slightly pissed because I have a 7600k, and now it sounds like this thing needs a whole new system.


Will be able to report after tomorrow. Just have to verify something @spamenigma saud to check & will be able to test on a system with stronger cpu to see if jaggies disapear.

Keep in mind the i5 6500 is still more or less a bargain cpu.

Is your 7600k a i5 or i7?


Nooo!! :frowning:

I think we have enough examples now to create a show your cracked samsung phone thread! :slight_smile:


Its an I5 4 cores no hyperthreading, and my mobo doesnt overclock.


Hi Ludx,
I would like to know if you have tried something like VR desktop or Bigscreen. I would like to know if we are finally ale to surf, read, and code in the virtual environment??? Thats very important to lots of us :slight_smile:


The 8k can be used with Bigscreen with decent results. I checked it out after someone reccommended it to @Chucksta


Didnt try yet, not sure if it ise very comfortable to look up and down since would have to use a big screen yes.
We can have yet, because of resolution, a virtual screen with normal/large size displaying itself some HD resolution.

There is a quick review in french and a reading test :


I am now replying to you from within VR :smiley:

after reading your post, I decided to fire up Virtual Screen to see if I can surf, read and write. Yes, you definitely can!

I brought the screen as close to me as I could get it and still see it, and everything is very clear. Just as clear as if on a computer screen. You can surf easily, read everything easily, and write/code easily. No problems. Of course, you need to be able to type without seeing the keyboard. I made MANY mistakes typing this!!!

I was very surprised how good it was, as with the screen back in its default position, the desktop image is really bad.

I haven’t tried this in Bigscreen Beta, but I don’t think you can bring the screens closer to you in there, so I think writing/coding would be out. There might be environments that allow you to change the position of the screen, but I have not found one yet. There are quite a lot of environments (Cinema, different rooms in a house, space, mountains, etc.)

Bigscreen Beta is excellent for watching videos. I have put in a silly amount of time in it, since getting the 8K!


Lol this is exactly what I was about to say since I am on VR also :slight_smile: using steam keyboard :slight_smile: you said it all no roblem on desktop, will go youtube now lol


@Chucksta , THanks man! Thats great. The virtual desktop allows you to have multiple screens and bring it closer and stuff. If someone got that, or something similar, try using with multiple virtual screen to see how it compares with multiple screen setup in vr!


Framerate is not good to me on youtube, maybe GPU but this Pitool version is very bad obviously, Sweviver even made a video about it, actually I didnt watch it until the end as I though it was “only” about framerate issue but this is about blurry issu also (I watched it all today), I got disapointed about the headset with this Pitool.
And cant use previous since it doesnt detect the hmd :confused:


Good setting for me in small FoV is Pitool 1.25 and SS 60%.
Sharp image and very smooth.
Look how well run Arizona Sunshine (Sorry French video) ->


merci pour la video et test en Français :yum:


Je t’en prie :slight_smile: Je vais changer de GPU quand même, la je vois que les simu qui vont bien ont du mal, genre Project Cars et DCS, ptet chopper une ptite 1080 quand je peux vite fait^^
You are welcome, I shall change GPU anyways, I see now big sim games struggles, like Project Cars or DCS, might get a 1080 anytime soon.


Just tried BigScreen, run and looks good.
Will make a video about it, maybe one in english too :wink: