8K arrived the 22nd october 2018(Ludx) (French and English Reviews)


I seem to be living in Bigscreen at the moment!!!


Yeah BigScreen is good, even got it installed on my son’s PC with the 4k.

There is now my second review (in french) after 10 days of use
Iam uploading now another one, in english


There is my english review of the 8k after 10 days.

Hope you forgive my accent.


Thanks for the review. Do not apologize for your accent. There is no reason to. You are French. If you didn’t have an accent it would be disappointing.


Thanks for your great review I love reading individual backer impressions of the headsets.


Got 2 news videos online, english ones, I’ve updated the first post, hope you enjoy. :+1:


In Death, with the 8k is amazing :slight_smile:


French version :

Link for the english one is in the first post I updated​:point_up::point_up:


Merci pour les vidéos @Ludx

Elles sont naturelles et assez spontanées, ça nous change des vidéos hyper codées (les 2 sont biens cela dit)


Je suis content que ça plaise, effectivement c’est spontané ^^ , merci :+1:


Hi guys,
There is my one month review update with the 8k.

Updated first post with french version also :point_up_2:
Premier post mis à jour avec la version française :point_up_2:


Nice review, I agree with the bad and good points you’ve put out, but I’m really not sure how you mention ‘distortion’ as a positive point and that you say you almost can’t see it. And I’m not talking about the ‘blurry ring’ at the edges, I’m talking about geometric deformations (stretching) of the ‘world’ when objects get nearer to the edges. It’s the most easy to notice when you look at a vertical long object, like a tree for example, and keep looking at it while you move your head from left to right. The top of the tree will bend when it nears the edges. I find this actually so disturbing that for me this is the worst part of the 5k+ (the 8k should have the exact same problem). Of course, everybody is different, but to me this effect is so obvious that I’m not really sure how one could miss it. Whenever I put my Vive Pro back on I feel totally different, like I’m really in that virtual world (just wearing goggles, LOL). But with the Pimax 5k+ I feel much more like watching into another world, because of this effect. Then again, maybe I’m just more sensitive to it than you, or maybe it’s because our faces/eyes are different, could maybe also be a factor. But for me this is the nr 1 problem with the HMD. I’m hoping Pimax can fix it.


@Ludx, yes, could you confirm the presence of geo-distortion in 8K, which sjefdeklerk observes in 5K +? (the tree on top is bent at the edge, etc.)
Maybe 8K suddenly has no such distortions. :thinking:

Or will any of the 8K owners be able to confirm this… As far as I remember, so far only in 5K + have noticed this for sure. Has anyone seen a curved tree at the edge of an 8K?


Haven’t ran skyrim. But can say fpsvr does stretch warp when near the end of FoV somewhat in Normal. (Far left & right). But find your stretching your eyes so to speak.


Well, as I said, there is distortion but it’s just nothing, only on the very far edges, that’s why it is a good point to me since I barely can see there, plus biggest part of distortion is not stretching one but blurry one, which can’t be seen at all with peripheral view, like I said in the InDeath video when reading fpsVR window.
Maybe some games are worse than others with large FoV.
Just like some require freaking parallel projections that ruins fps and clarity, yes clarity, image ratio is joke than kill performance and supersampling is lost.


Well, that is, we conclude that these geometric distortions (a curved tree at the edge) are equally present in 5K + and 8K.
OK thanks.
(I thought to make another breakthrough towards 8K, but it did not work out …)


Interesting, what this tells me is that all of us are individuals and that one persons ‘deal breaker’ (I really hate that statement) is another persons ‘meh’


I’m sure that’s true. BTW it’s not a ‘deal breaker’ to me, but it is issue nr 1 for me that I’d like to see fixed. But yeah, we’re all different, not only in the way we perceive things but I also suspect that the 3d positions of your eyes relative to the panels (so depending your face) could be a factor.


Must be something like that yes, for once I am kind of lucky :slight_smile:


Definately true, I bought a Samsung Odyssey as I had read how good they were and it is completely useless for me as due to my head/face shape the closest I can get to my face there is a gap all round the side. This means that the Odyssey + is a very dodgy buy for me.

I even bought a new foam for it and that was still the same.