8K arrived the 22nd october 2018(Ludx) (French and English Reviews)


I bought one and sold it on again because it felt odd / uncomfortable
so far my favorite is the vive pro and that needs extra cushions next to the ear stays to stop it from wobbling about


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Helio can you confirm the geometric distortions are the same on both headsets? Or is there less of it on the 8k…?


Myself? I find them about Equal. Will post something that may help.


I generally haven’t noticed any real differences between the 2 headsets in regards to distortion.

But face structure can likely play a role for sure. Some eyes are closer to lenses while others may have a more sunken set. This is where Sj is likely correct with dynamic distortion correction would likely help as distance to lens will affect the angle one has looking to far right & left with the eyes.

Another factor to is how tight are the tolerances on the housing? As with magnification lenses subtle dimension varience may slightly alter placements. The Fabric covering for example if its thickness varies might set a lense off a bit… At a guess probably under a mm… Probably under 0.5mm.

The other factors like biological differences due to region of the world & ethnicity could increase sensitivity to certain things. Ie why Spanish Folk that tried out Oscar’s 5k+ noticed certain things more prominently.

Think of Sherlock Holmes; if he tried a VR headset (any) with his strong perceptional awareness he might notice & be bother by things almost no one save Morierty might see.

I notice the geo distortion(fish bowel) effect mainly with things like fps box when nearing the edge of the peripheral of normal & large fov. However there are things like the dots in the 5k+ I haven’t noticed that SweViver & others have observed. I don’t see or recognize the wobble Seb described on the 8k. In either case it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Now that being said some will see because they do & others will see things because it was described.

The main thing in any event is whether you find the experience enjoyable. SweViver for example amoung the all the testers was not able to see “The World is Moving phenomenon”. This could be because he was not sensitive to it, his headset had a variation or simply he enjoyed the headset so much his mind muted the effect. Either way the result is the same. He really enjoys using the headset in spite of whatever flaws are present.

Just remember when you get your headset instead of looking for things described. Just play & make your own evaluation. If you go in looking for flaws until you see them. They may bother one as it’s hard to unsee something after you see it.


Hi guys

I updated the first post with the english version of Project Cars 2 :point_up:
There is the French one :

Hope you enjoy :wink:


Great, that is, the 1080ti has enough performance for Project Cars.

I still decided to choose 8K, because I want to get the smallest SDE.
I watched recently how 5K + is compared with VivePro SDE, and for me it does not suit.

Particularly pleased, as you mentioned, that you can see everything far away, and it does not merge into a pixel pattern, which annoyed me in all headsets, including OG Odyssey.
Because of this, I stopped playing racing and started waiting for the new Pimax 8K.

Here is a relative non-direct comparison of 8K with Oculus Rift. Can you confirm that there is no such effect as in the Oculus Rift far away on the horizon?

(The picture from 8K was taken from early videos from the Pimax channel, 8K V3, it seems )

And does your 8K match the 8k image in the video through the lense from the channel Pimax?

For me, the absence of annoying and merging pixels on the horizon is the best sign of good SDE :ok_hand::slightly_smiling_face::+1:


The 8k picture up there is too blurry and there is absolutely no sde, because of the bluryness of the pic.
In my headset there is still a sde, but low, have to focus on it to perceive it and mostly on sky.

And for this about the Pimax video, it have more Sde but looks much better.


But in the distance there is no such effect as in the picture for Oculus cv1? (squares of pixel grids merging into an SDE pattern).
I am concerned about visibility into the distance :roll_eyes:
In the video, you said that you can see far away and not see the pixels, that’s great. Because in ordinary headsets (Oculus CV1, Odyssey) in the distance SDE is noticeable, and it even reduces visibility.

I just hope that 8K doesn’t have such a noticeable effect, and that you can look calmly into the distance, without being distracted by the effect of SDE, which gets into the eyes in other headsets.


Thats what I really love also with the headset yes, seeing far away without looking at pixels yes. FoV is great but this is also wonderful.

There is a video in 4k of 6 games on the 8k.

French version on the original post I updated

Yet another 8K vs 5K+ question

Thank you for the video! This is amazing, :boom:8K is the best headset!
It is very good to see far in it.
Cars are well visible in the distance, it pleases.
Indeed, it is always very interesting to look through the lens, although, of course, the camera does not convey all the beauty, but nevertheless, it is interesting.
Maybe you will try to make static photos from games and publish them here? That would be interesting too :slightly_smiling_face: