8K Full package for sale - Backer 3148



Selling my 8k pledge. Please let me know if anyone is interested in buying.

First 8K Full Package Ever
8K Headset (Laser tracker integrated) + Controller*2 + Base Stations *2

The best 8K experience in one package.



I would be interested, have you ordered thumbsticks, can you check if you can change it if you haven’t, what is your price?


hello Sid,
i’m interesting too. Let me know how to proceed : send me email to : adalo@imaconcept.tv
Thank you in advance


I hope you give me the first option given my first dips on the item as I did with the previous buyer in the other thread.


Depends what you are looking to charge I may be interested.


Hi Sid

I have a friend interested, he is not on the forum, please, contact him, email to

Thanks :wink:


so just loud thinking whether it’s a coincidence that 2 backers selling at the same time or maybe we have to expect the second part of leaks :slight_smile: