8k Headset delivered the other day (unholybeardedone)


G’day all.

I am 1 of the 2 Australian backers in the first batch.
I have just received an email from Australia Post to say that my headset
is on-board for delivery today!

Eff Yeah!!!

Will try and post some pics later and some first impressions.
Not sure when as I am a little bit busy today. It will be this evening sometime hopefully. :ok_hand::grin:


Okay, what graphic card do you have? Give me your impression of playing games and watching movies in regard to SDE.


Awesome. Please make us all jealous.


I only have a GTX 1070 at the moment. Looking to upgrade when prices normalise a little.

The impressions will include Assetto Corsa, Iracing and some Elite as I generally only play these sims.
I have access to some other games but they require base stations to play and sadly I don’t have those.


Look forward to your impressions. Thanks ahead of time and congrats.


G’day UnholyBeeardedOne,
Good to see an Aussie got one of the first batch.
I think your in Sydney aren’t you?
I’m in Perth and backer 3000+ something.

I’m really interested in what you think of the 8K+.
I have a while to make a decision.



Perth backer, 1290 here :slight_smile:


I would be very keen on the Elite gameplay :slight_smile: my main game! - really looking forward to the wide FOV


G’day mate!

I am in Hobart, Tasmania.
I will post some impressions here when I get time later.

I have a rift for comparison and my son is here too, he also plays VR a lot
so I will get his first impressions too.

Games will be limited to sit down play only as have no base stations. I have controllers, but they are no
good on their own.


I have not played Elite for over 6 months, hopefully this headset will get me back into it.
Have played it on and off since Beta and put quite a few hours into it. Have something like $12 Billion credits lol.


That’s right. Tassie.
Awesome. Hanging to hear what you think.
I’m sure it will be much better than the rift.



This is one of the times where being a two-headed Tasmanian would of come in handy lol.


Good to see headsets starting to get delivered. Will be interesting to hear how the headset performs without base stations.


You said it. Not me :slight_smile:
I hope you are having an Aussie RDO (Sicky) today.
While you wait for the Posty to turn up.


That’s cool that Australia got some love.


Not sure if you have the same issue, but iRacing has been kinda juddery lately. Have you noticed that? Either way, looking forward to your review.


congrats and cant wait for you to share your experience.
we’ve seen 5k+ user receiving his and shared his experience.
so your 8k experience will be a very much appreciated info for people
undecided on 5k+ and 8k.


I am also in Hobart, Tasmania.
I’m backer 3### though. So quite a wait for me before I get my hands on it.
Good to hear that postage to Tasmania is quick!


I haven’t used the rift for a while in Iracing, but have seen users have some issues since the new build.
I’m hoping that I can get it to run on the 1070.


Lol :grin:

I am permanently at home due to injury at the moment so everyday is a “sicky”