8k Headset delivered the other day (unholybeardedone)


what the name suggest is that when parallel projection is on the game’s viewport are parallel, hence once re-projected to Pimax’s angulated display a lots of the pixels are being wasted on the far left and right. it would be quite easy to visualize it on a drawing.

unfortunately, in previous version of UE4 the viewport were hardcoded to be set parallel and Pimax can’t bypass this. To manage this, Pimax created this compatibility mode which require around 30% more pixels to be generated for these old games.

About 60-70% performance improved on RTX2080Ti

Hi Neil,
In the rendererdx11.ini file in your iRacing directory you will find a setting called UIScalePct. Set it to 125 or 150 and your ui will be much better.
On the iRacing forum there’s a whole section dedicated to Vr with different renderer.ini and app.ini settings to try. Give it a look, I think there was one for head wobble in the app.ini that does something, there’s also a horizon setting which stops the horizon from moving around which helps as well.


Ok for the app.ini stuff in iRacing for horizon settings to help with motion sickness try this


hope this helps anyone a bit with some basic iRacing vr settings.



He is not a good example for asking about nausea problems with this HMD becouse most of us have lightouses and better PC components…


Hey Jb.

Thanks for the info.
I did see that UIScalePct setting earlier when I was in the rendererdx11.ini file and was wondering if it would help.
I will give it a try.

Will also give the horizon settings a go.

I’ll have a look on the forums see what else I can dig up.



Beard, I know that your system is not up to snuff but can you try to give us your impressions of the FOV versus the rift? What feeling is the pimaxing invoking in general.

Can you try to imagine this thing on a higher end system, what are your impressions… We are dying for any information here from the only backer (non youtube previewer) that’s already got it and communicating. Even if you have to use your imagination because your system is struggling.

Better yet, can you try in a regular game or free demo like “the lab” that uses a forward renderer. Assetto corsa and elite dangerous are too heavy on the requirements. I feel you could find something simple graphically on steam that would run fine on a 1070 to give some general impressions.

Edit: I guess the Chinese guy gave some info, forgot about that, but any more info would be appreciated.


Always happy to read @Enopho 's posts. A very helpful fella and precise, he is a weapon for this forum! Off topic but had to be said :slight_smile:


yes I would like to know if its possible to run some games on RTX 2070 (just over a 1080) as its £460 here, the 2080ti is £1,100.


Blows me away that 100 HMD’s have been shipped and only 2 have been delivered after such a long shipping time. Seems crazy.


We have benchmarks already?


Facepalm :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


No benchmarks yet but sources were right in the past so I don’t see why not trust in this one as well.
Same as with Pimax, most of the stuff was confirmed after lifting NDA. If you tracking my post’s in the past you could find out that I predicted very good performances for 5K. No one believes me then but now …


For all we knows dozens have arrived… look how negative and demanding this forum can be. If you were just a casual member, who really only cares about experiencing and playing VR… you might be very tempted to just keep your mouth shut and play with your new headset for your free hours every day, rather than posting here, or running tests for us future backer #s.


they should ship some to tom’s maybe?


Haha. Oh man you got me with that one.


One of those was hand delivered into Australia. The other was localy delivered in China


I might have sketched that drawing


thanks, however the exact release note in 4.18 was : “Added support for non-parallel projections for HMDs that have canted display panels”

This mean before 4.18 both the right and left eyes projection had to be parallel, ie share the same angle. But after this patch we can now have the left and right eyes use their own angle.

Pimax screen have their left and right eyes at different angles. The Vive or the Rift don’t as they use parallel display. So this patch concern mostly Pimax for now. Post 4.18 we can feed the UE engine with the exact angle of each panel which waste less pixels.

Hence the graph i want to picture is showing how in order to cover the same FOV wee need compute less pixel when the projection angle match the panel angle.

if my explanation is not clear one can also try read doc’s paper about it : http://doc-ok.org/?p=1649#more-1649


£460 is the base model RTX 2070 AIB’s. Not bad.
Founders is £549 with nice build quality + cooler.
Rog Strix is £669 with slightly faster performance.

Personally if I had the money, I’d buy a base model 1080 TI blower card (ideally save more and buy used) and get better VR performance than a 2070 series, which although a lovely card won’t adequately run a Pimax 5K+, never mind the 8K.


yeah, I’m going go go for 2080ti OC, splash out, I’ll put an afermarket cooler on it anyway, I want the best experience.