8k Headset delivered the other day (unholybeardedone)


No this was sent from Sydney and taken to AU by some people who were going there anyway.


I understand man, life is so busy these days.

Post it to me (I’ll send you a PM with my address) and I’ll open it and check it all out for you for a few months.

I’ll even pay for half the postage.

I know you’re thinking this is too generous, but I’m a religious man and I am doing this for God.


No additional charges as it did not come via the normal delivery route.
It came with friends of Pimax who flew into Australia last week.

It was posted inside Australia.


Is that a through a lens picture of PC2?!!



What’s in the box!?

Will get to testing soon™


I think I might of broken the thread with the size of the images lol.

Edit; fixed.


The manual says IPD adjustment 55-75mm, was that confirmed before?

Edit. From the FAQ:
“The range of IPD
Support the range from 55 to 75 with mechanical adjustment (60 - 73) & self-adaption”

What ever the self-adaption means :roll_eyes:


Good catch. Seems like they added extra mm to either end.


Don’t has any bubble wrap to protect the box inside?

If this ship by local post office, I afraid that it will not be safe.
@PimaxVR @Pimax-Support @xunshu

I am box collector.


Plz Stop making us jealous, im am backer number 4,944 :disappointed_relieved:


I know - very close to you - backer 4946!


Plz Stop making me jealous, I’m waiting for preorder :slight_smile:


Thanks for your advice. Please do not hesitate to contact our mailbox: support@pimaxvr.com if you meet some issues after receiving the Kickstarter reward. Have a nice day!


Is a montion/hand tracking attached to the headset ? or you didnt chosed that as an accessory ?


@bubbleball indeed - reminded me of this, my local airport:


No, it doesn’t because this one was sent via Pimax-friends courier service, not EMS :wink:


I cannot see it on the fotos and from what I remember they are only shipping the headsets and nothing else - no bs, no controllers, no modules, no audio strap, nothing. All these add-ons will be come later when available. (I know, the leap motion based module could have been ready because it seemed to be done design-wise a year ago, but I will not complain about Pimax focussing entirely on the headsets - it’s the right thing to do).


Having trouble finding PiTool software, anyone have a link? Their main website seems to be down at the moment.




Cheers for that, was scratching my head trying to get the headset set-up.