8k Headset delivered the other day (unholybeardedone)


Can you give us your backer number so we can insert your delivery into the delivery spreadsheet? (we now have almost 100 people’s shipping status on the spreadsheet).


It’d be awesome if he would do like the other guy

  • Ok i’ve set up all the cables, installed Pitool and…
    hah sorry I gotta go to the swimming pool now. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow

All jokes asides, thanks for documenting how it’s going on



So the the first batch was 100 pieces transported to the logistic partner.

i count 14+27+8=49 pieces.

  1. Are the others 51 shipped in china without tracking numbers ?

  2. Do you send the second batch to the logistic partner when they have finished to send the first or when Pimax has finished the second batch ?


The sea serpent giveth and the sea serpent taketh.


lets give them some air to breathe, or are we going to count every single unit since now ?


You’ve lost him… he’s in the headset now… there’s no telling when or if he’ll be back…


Australia is full of snakes, oh and those long slithery things too. Lmao.


Hey. Dont post pics. Tired of deceiving pics. Just enjoy it and send us a message when you barf


Awaiting impatiently, pls post a new thread when you receive it so we can all find it.


He’s asleep now. … Well he should be as it is 1:54 in the night there atm.

Edit: I stand corrected. Thank you!


Sorry for the delay on posting any details.

Had issues finding PiTool that took a fair bit of time.
When I finally got that installed had issues running games.

Dirt Rally was running in 2D. Tried a couple of things but moved on.
Iracing was sitting too far back in the seat, couldn’t adjust like normal as no lighthouse tracking so no moving forward and then centering.

Moved on to Elite it wouldn’t load up. Will come back to this tomorrow.
Have finally gotten Assetto Corsa to run, trying to dial in settings as PiTool has updated to .84 and it seems the render scale may have changed again.

At PiTool 1.0 Steam settings are telling me I need to run at 16%. 100% is equal to 5163 x 4548. So seems a bit different since the update.

Some teething troubles lol.
Also the light in the chevron on the front is flashing constantly, not sure what is causing this?

Now I have AC running I will concentrate on dialling that in first to get best settings for my 1070.

I am retiring to bed now as its 2.40am here. Will have some more info tomorrow.

Apologies for the lack of information.

Goodnight all.


What backer number are you btw?


Not everyone is you :wink:

Pretty much everybody I’ve known who plays vr everyday it existent.


Sounds like pitool is gonna buck a bit before we can tame it. I hope not though.


He’s asleep now. … Well he should be as it is 1:54 in the night there atm.

That wouldn’t stop me. The next day I’d be phoning work with a sudden sickness too.


Who needs an unboxing video? Just watch the box.


Hopefully all of these teething problems will be ironed out before 3### and someone would have posted an excellent unboxing and initial setup video for a thicko like me to follow.


Just remember this user is close to a worst case scenario. 8k using 1070 with no lighthouses.


Good thing! Then this happy backer can concentrate his testing efforts on SDE, contrast, colour, and pixels :clap:t5::smile::innocent:


For iRacing, you can use the keyboard to move your seat. I believe one of the F keys (from what I’m reading it’s CTRL+F12) will bring up the menu and you can use your mouse to go up/down/left/right