8k Headset delivered the other day (unholybeardedone)


Wakey-wakey! it’s been 9 hours! lol



Sounds like he’s still trying to get it to work lol


You need to get back into elite, update coming :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delay, the logistics company has not sent us more tracking numbers. Once the logistics company gives us the tracking number, we will inform the corresponding backers. We has started to confirmed the info with the second batch of backers. Please be advised and appreciate for your understanding.


How many are you making for the second batch? 200? 300?


Hi @UnholyBeardedOne , I see you mentioned your Pitool to be .84. Where did you download this version? Mine is still showing .76 to be the latest.


Hi @yanfeng.

I updated to .84 from within PiTool.
Settings>General>Check firmware there was a small red dot showing me a new version was available.


Ah I see. .84 is for 8K. Mine is 5K+, and it has not updated yet. Thanks!


Neat… you might not have used the .76 long enough to notice, but any big changes?

@SweViver @mixedrealityTV - You two I’m sure will notice any software or performance changes having used .76 plenty… .anything jump out at you after the update? Does this mean there are two copies of PiTool on each computer when you have both headsets?


According to @SweViver 's Dirt Rally video, you need to install the Oculus Home software and use the Revive emulator app. I think Pimax now supports Oculus directly, so you might not need ReVive anymore.


Ok, i’m back.

Just been running AC using the ingame settings Sweviver was using in his GTX 1070 vid.
PiTool .84 was at 1.0 and Steam was 32% @2921 x 2573 per eye. Normal FOV.
This was giving me around 80 frames, just me on the track though.

Initial impressions…

The text on the HUD is pretty clear can also see the digital readout on the wheel of the Taatus quite clear.
While driving and looking down the track (Silverstone) the apexes are not as clear as I would have thought.
Still a little hard to pick them out until you get closer.

There is also a bit of shimmer especially coming off the grandstands and barriers.
I don’t think the 1070 is going to cut it to be honest.

I am using the built in head-tracking of the headset as I don’t have any base stations and after a couple of laps I find I am needing to re-centre.

If you crash too the headset with lose centre.

My PC is probably worse case scenario.

I5 3570
GTX 1070
8GB DDR3 1600.

Going to have to upgrade to get the most out of this headset.

Overall, this is still better than the Rift.

Have stepped out for a bit as feeling a bit heavy in the gut. Need to work on my VR legs. I think the tracking may have something to do with this.

Will try Elite a little later when I feel comfortable to step back in.



Hi Neil,

Without base stations you need to tell steam which way is forward.

Simple trick that works on the 4k - before launching the game in steamvr open display mirror, then click inside its window. Face forward and press Z. This will force steam to face ahead.

Then start your game, and see if that holds your virtual north. forward facing will always be a challenge when not using base stations and I’m hoping the Giros in the 5k+ and 8k are good



Hi Eno.

Thanks mate. Will give this a try when I get back on.



Yeah, with your cpu and ram, you’ll need an upgrade. The 1070 might cut it at low settings but just as important are the other two hardware thingamy bits :grin:


You can buy base stations from htc, but they’re expensive as hell lol $130 for each (I mean if you can’t wait for headset to deliver)


Time to sell the Holden? :wink:


The boxes are sold out… since many weeks :wink:

You can only buy a complete set with the old vive! :unamused:


Wow, given the status of things, I wish I’d ordered a pair of base stations with my KS pledge, instead of only 1.



If I had to choose I know which one I would sell…

6 litres gives me more “smiles per hour” lol :grin: