8k Headset delivered the other day (unholybeardedone)


Hi Neil,
In iRacing there’s also a recentre Hmd thing you can set in the graphics setting page and map it to a button on your wheel. For when you test that.
Use ctrl- f12 to change your seating position to be more in the cockpit.


Daily exercises to move your eyes closer together or spread them apart.


Really??? WOW!!! …


What did the logistics company tell you?


What is so surprising? It has been said many times that with 1070 one should go with 5k+ not 8k. For 8k you need at least 1080ti, more likely 2080ti (and crank Pitool to higher setting). Even with 5k+ 1070 will be bare minimum full of compromises (unless brainwarp can do the trick one day).


For 1070 I’d suggest using the small FOV, which is still quite bigger than Vive/Rift, and you get better resolution.
And some games are so well programed that they run smoothly on lower end machines. Aerofly FS 2 is certainly one among these games.


My son was just trying out Elite. @neal_white_iii

Had trouble starting the game through PiTool even after adding the launcher to the games list.
My copy of Elite is non-Steam so could be an issue?

However, managed to get it to start using Dr. Kai’s ED Profiler.
My son was just messing around and had it on Large FOV and he put the VR ingame settings to low.

The frame rate outside the station was hitting 80 looking into space.
When coming back to the station the frame rate dipped into the 70’s and when he was right close the frames dropped low to mid 50’s.

I just had a quick look through the HMD at the HUD and its way better than the Rift.
Everything is readable without having to move closer or turn your head at a funny angle to read.
None of the blurry look that the Rift has.

I asked him about the shimmer/aliasing that you get on the outer edges of the station when in the Rift, he said it was definitely better than the Rift. This was all on the Low setting in game. With Large FOV, so there is room for improvement.

I must say I was quite impressed with the little look I had.

Will take one of my ships out for a spin later and get back with some more thoughts/impressions.



Cheers JB.

WIll try this later when I get back on.



uhm, i think you didn’t get the irony here, maybe?


Hi, how about cpu and gpu usage? im curious to see how much is used in a 3rd gen intel platform


I just purchased fpsVR from Steam, the same app that Sweviver uses.
Will install it later when I get back on and hopefully be able to get back with some numbers
for you.



Thanks man, don’t forget to enjoy some games. (It’s not always only numbers!)


No? I literally bought one from amazon last week and it’s arriving this week :joy:


Question, Can you try something that isn’t on deferred renderer or terrible aliasing like the elite dangerous and asseto corsa have? Maybe give the lab a shot. Would love to hear about the black levels, impressions of the FOV, SDE, latency if any, distortion, and mostly if the previewers were overall on point.

I know with a 1070 it will be tough though.


pitool latest ver http://pisetup.pimaxvr.com/PiToolSetup_1.0.1.84.exe


Hi @UnholyBeardedOne2h , is the light of your 8K still flashing? Mine kept flashing after upgrading to 1.84.


It’s not a problem. Pimax support told me that the flashing is a normal signal to show that the parallel projections mode is turned on. When I turned off projection mode, it stops flashing.


Thanks, good to know there was a reason for it.
Was bugging me a little not knowing if something was wrong.



Thanks, I already had the latest version since yesterday.
Cheers for offering up the link though :+1:


I don’t have any controllers/base stations so I am really only able to do games with a wheel or
a Hotas.