8k Headset delivered the other day (unholybeardedone)


How bad was the edge distortion for you on the large FOV mode?


When I had a quick look I was more interested in how the HUD looked and didn’t really notice or was looking for

I will fire Elite back up in Large FOV before I go back to Normal FOV and see what the distortion is like.
Will let you know my findings.



Thanks! Great to know that it wasn’t glaring enough for you to notice without looking for it though :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

you won’t really see distortion in these dark games, which of course is good! :slight_smile: Try bright games if you want to compare distortion on the differen FOV levels.

Bye, Sebastian


Just some odd shooting stars in the peripheral?


At this rate it’ll be a good while for me backer no 71xx
I will know everything about the pimax 5K+ by then


Is “parallel projections” some implementation of BrainWarp?

Thats what it sounds like to me at least.
Let me know if it improves performance.


Nomen est Omen :joy:.

The setting is for compatibility with older games and needs 20-30% extra rendering power. So no gain there in using it…


I just tried Elite again with Large FOV and like @mixedrealityTV said you can’t really see it
in dark games.
You are paying a penalty with frames at that FOV though.



I was just running Elite Dangerous and CPU usage was about 54-60% but did peak to about 75% at times.
GPU usage was about 90%.



So are you amazed by the Pimax, is it unbelievable compared to the other headsets? Anything you’re disappointed in?


Thanks for the updates and screen shots. It is great to hear impressions from other people too.

I think you can open a new sticky thread for: “Backers impressions 5k+/8K” to shift the bulk of comments there. I know I’ll sit down and “refresh [F5]” every few minutes to hear from them :grinning:



What are your impressions of the SDE, blacks, colours thus far? Any ghosting in dark games like elite?

Thanks for taking time away from your new toy to post here, by the way, I doubt I’ll be around for a couple days when I get mine :slight_smile:


I wondered this. I am a little miffed at the lack of excitement posts as most testers/backers immediately go straight to discussing specific aspects of the HMD.


Yeah its better than the Rift, but I still think I am missing out a bit as I don’t have the graphical grunt
to push the headset so I can turn up some settings to get even better fidelity.

Overall I think it is a good product. At this early stage no real disappointments still need more time with it to dial it in before I can make a real assessment though.


Would you go back to an oculus after trying the pimax?

Also, does the “large” FOV mode make a difference to Normal FOV mode? Not in terms of FPS, but in terms of realism. Or not much difference at all…?

Any backers recieved their headsets yet..?

I think on an 1070 and without positional tracking it will be hard to enjoy this. I mean VR without positional tracking in itself sucks really hard already and you’ve bought this HMD for the wide FoV which you can’t really use anyway on a 1070. Get yourself a 1080TI or 2080TI asap man! And I’d also pick up some lighthouses tomorrow.


I can understand anyone who is still waiting until the prices for 1080ti finally fall reasonably.

Is it now possible to set up your pimax with only 1 basestation?


True, all prices excluding the 2080/TI will drop in the coming weeks since people who are upgrading will be selling their old cards, so if you want the best deal it’s probably better to wait a couple of weeks. Yet I imagine it must be really frustrating to sit on this Pimax 8k and not really be able to use it (at least not to its potential) because you’re on a 1070.


There’s kinda of a catch-22 with that if you want to sell your existing GPU to help offset the cost of a new 1080TI. When the TI’s begin to drop, so will all the other cards including the 1080 I want to sell. I myself bit the bullet… I sold my GTX1080 on ebay this weekend and a couple of other PC components and raised enough cash to purchase a new 1080TI… decided I wasn’t go wait.