8k Headset delivered the other day (unholybeardedone)


Plenty of people will upgrade from a lower GPU to a 1070 then buy the HMD and be like WTF. It will create a lot of negativity.

For GPU I would say min spec is 1080 Ti in their retail media, even if that loses some customers at least the majority will be happy that it runs all content rather than the majority all complaining that it runs like dirt on their 1070 / 1070 Ti / 1080


I have just this minute taken the plunge and purchased a used 1080ti from ebay.

With the release of the RTX 2070 imminent and not really much better than a 1080 in benchmarks and with a price close to a new 1080ti I don’t think prices are going to drop for a little while yet.


I think you did the right thing.
I also purchased used 1080TI, it cost me way less than in stores or even iStores. I just hope it will “live” long enough :grin:

My other purchases were: 2xBase station from E-Bay (used) and 2xVive controller (used). Although I can’t test them, since I do not have any HMD, I decided to just take the plunge until Pimax will produce their own Controller + Base stations.



Good decision :+1:t2:.
Now it is time for i5-Overclocking :crazy_face:


How much in total did you pay for them? I see that Amazon sells an entire VIVE setup for $500. I was thinking about… selling more stuff on Ebay :grinning: and buying it for $500, then when Pimax finally sends me my controllers and light-boxes, sell the VIVE on Ebay… an alternative could be to keep the controllers and lightboxes and just sell the VIVE headset once it arrives (as NEW) on Ebay for about $200. This way I have spare controllers.


For base station, I bought 1 around 55$ and the other at 74$ (for shipping, add ~65$ for both in my case)
The 2xControllers in: 135$ but Tariff costs + shipping almost doubled that (I think at the end I payed ~230$)

It is also a matter of luck.



@Sweviver has said you cannot setup with 1 basestation because it is a limitation of SteamVR, however once you set up you can remove 1 of the base stations. Unless I’ve missed something since then…


It’s late in Australia ! Go to bed and have some rest :slight_smile:


Fyi, you can buy a new base station on Amazon for $168us each, and the controllers for around $200us each, or you can get a new Vive kit for $480us.
Imho, if you don’t have controllers or base stations, get a Vive while you can… (do NOT order from HTC!!!)


I got a Vive w/ base stations, controllers, and deluxe audiostrap for $400 shipped on Ebay. I figured I can sell it back on Ebay when I get everything from Pimax and have a better experience for the first few months with the 5K+.


I believe that is due to the audience. You know that people have discussed every aspect of the headsets to death here and when you report on them, you tend to focus on representing the points objectively and precisely. And we are by now trained to think that way too - to a certain degree at least.
I had the same experience when I reported on the V2 hands-on in my favourite German VR forum: I went through the list of criteria one by one, and when re-reading it the next day felt that it almost sounded too sober, unexcited. My conclusion still was that that would surely become my new favourite VR headset and mark my personal VR 2.0 experience, yet I reported clinical. We are not going about it like somebody who hasn‘t heard of Pimax yet, so there is a clear expectation that it is much better than the ol‘ Rift or Vive, that‘s just what we are expecting since a year, that will not surprise you. I think many will get emotional only when the checklist analysis has been carried out and they get immersed in their favourite games.


Can you let me know if the difference in performance is worth it please? Thinking of doing the same.


As a tester who has been using 8K and 5K+ for some time, I can say Pimax M2 is not a quantum leap, but a solid step up in the development of VR. It’s not ecstacy at first sight, but pretty long term joy steadily realized when you try your familiar VR applications one by one, and then you will realize that you just can’t go back to your previous headsets, ever. And yes, there will be very happy and exciting moments in the process, even when playing Beat Saber: Pimax makes Beat Saber more fun to play


Sure… I expect my TI card to arrive in about 2 or 3 days. But I don’t have my Pimax yet and I would be surprised if I really notice much of an improvement simply using my Samsung Odyssey and a new TI. But the first game I would test to see any improvements would be Subnautica. I have a large base in Subnautica and my 1080 at times would struggle rendering it at times. I’ll let you know.


Hi Seb

Actually this game at least on 5k + unit is very bright :slight_smile: Please push devs to add colour & brightness slider in PiTool


You can merge your ED-non-steam game in your Frontier Account


Another user mentioned this but didn’t reply directly.

Parallel projections is not a part of Brainworks. It is a method of displaying 3D content on a 2D screen.

You actually get ~30% performance increase when you turn OFF the parallel projections setting (according to Pimax). The only reason you would want to have it on is for compatibility for older Unreal games (v4.17 and older).


Sorry, some people don’t live on their own private island :wink:

I personally could afford to get a 2080Ti but until the prices drop I am going to stick with my 1080Ti (unless I really need the GPU performance). As for the lighthouses, I got the full package 8K.

The only question left now is whether I will be switching to the 5K+.


Til the end of the year or in Q1 2019. AMD is releasing NAVI 10 which will be approximately 550$ and with performances between 1080Ti and 2080Ti.
Also, Ryzen2 is coming out and this new 7nm tech from AMD both CPU and GPU. This will definitely be affecting on new Nvidia pricing that RTX or Intel CPU as well.
It is not the right time for brand new hardware. This used 1080Ti will buy you some time to make the right decision and upgrade in the next year with a proper upgrade. I think the best options are not released yet but next year will be interesting.


I was taking the piss