8k Headset delivered the other day (unholybeardedone)


Stand-alone Elite Dangerous doesn’t work in VR, you must use Steam or Oculus Store version. Logging into Frontier web account you can claim both for free


This is incorrect. I have the stand alone version and it works fine on my oculus rift. It will also work fine on steam VR without a steam key.


Are you saying that you have to have steam running or just steamVR.
Elite will start steamVR without seam running.


He is talking about the non-steam version of the game, which obviously doesnt work on VR.
Or “in” Is it “on” or “in”?


I tried in the past and it definitely didn’t work, maybe it’s working now, I had no reason to try anymore

according to this article https://www.vrheads.com/how-enable-vr-elite-dangerous

“There is no way to enable VR mode for Oculus Rift or SteamVR from the standard PC version of the game anymore”

but it may be time-sensitive information.


Yes it does. I use the non steam and the non Oculus version and it works in both steam VR and Oculus be without issue.


My copy of Elite is non-Steam

Unless something’s changed recently, if you log into your account on the Frontier website there should be both Steam and Oculus keys available.


Really keen to hear your thoughts on nausea with this headset. I can play ED for hours in a normal HMD with no sign of nauesa but the minute I jump in a racing sim I feel sick instantly. Would love to know if the wide FOV helps with that? Sweviver has an iorn gut for VR and wouldn’t notice it. You said you got sick from project cars?


AMD really needs to bring some competition in the high end GPU market. Even for CPU’s if you’re purely a gamer (like I am) then Intel is still the way to go. I waited/wasted over a year waiting for VEGA only to find out it couldn’t even touch a 1080Ti. At least I have my PC built so I’ll “manage” with my 1080Ti haha. I want 2080Ti level performance when I eventually get my 5k+ but there is no way in hell I’m shelling out $1700 CDN, that’s pure insanity for the real world gains over my 1080Ti.

I will happily jump ship to AMD if they can pull it off but I’m very pessimistic that they will.


Yes both are available and neither of them are needed for VR.


Just mentioning since he thought it might be causing an issue. Not impossible PiTool could have some compatibility problem with it even if there’s no good reason why it shouldn’t work. If nothing else helps, might be worth trying it through Steam since that been shown to work for PiMax testers, and at least rule that difference out as a possible cause.


Could be worth a try.


did this work for you mate?



I do not use steam, I just start elite from the EDLaunch.exe and it starts steamVR for me.


I was fine in ED no nausea with the 8k. I did feel it when I tried AC as my son had it on an uphill twisty road circuit, only lasted a few minutes and had to take a break.

When I later tried Silverstone which I chose because of it being flat, I did quite a few laps and only slight heavy gut but was bearable. I just need to build up my tolerance.


I had managed to centre the HMD not sure which key/keys I used but the game starts in front of me now no issues.


I launched the game from within Dr. Kai’s ED Profiler, works no issues.



Hey Jb.

I found a key that I had already mapped for the Rift and that worked to re-centre the HMD.

I just tried iracing again and my seating position was fine? Not sure what happened there but its fixed.

However, having more issues as I can’t read the in game options as the menu’s are too far away to read.
Makes it really hard to change any settings, I can’t move my head forward to get closer as I don’t have base stations.

Also another issue is when in car if you move your head the car moves with you. i.e if I move my head forward the whole car will move forward.

I may do a fresh install of iracing and use DDU and do a fresh install of my graphics card drivers to see if that manages to fix anything.



I think it is because in 3DOF (without basestations) you can not move forward or backward in the world.


yeah. you have to use base stations for that. but fresh install or graphics driver update will do nothin about it.