8K (Headset Only) For Sale


Not selling because I’ve lost faith, I just don’t have my Vive anymore and this is the headset only. (Plus I have a 1070 and I don’t plan on upgrading for a bit.) I could use my money back anyway. My backer number is 2,987.

This should really go to someone who can use it.

Looking for $650 PayPal. (I’m verified, have sold many, many expensive PC parts and other items on reddit. If you need to ask me any questions, go right ahead!)


I can pay you within a few hours I will send you a PM


Sounds good, let me know.


Ok please give me about 4 hours and I will pay you


i love that whenever a unit comes up for sale there is a brisk trade.


I posted this once before but took it down because I didn’t really need to get rid of it. With the news we received and since I sold my Vive I have no reason to keep it this time. I definitely think this happened quickly but my first post went unnoticed by most.


Hi did you get PM I am ready to pay now


if this falls through I am happy to buy it instead, can you confirm that It is posible to upgrade it to the full package an keep my place


I have now bought the headset from BusterBrownSheep Thanks


Good to hear you could sort it out. Would you mind sharing the procedure you followed, that as a buyer made you feel comfortable with the transaction?. I may have to sell my HMD only pledge as well… changes in career make it very unlikely that I’ll have any time to enjoy the 8k, whenever it is released. Thank you!.


My sale went buttery smooth. Send them proof of your pledge. Screenshots etc. Transfer the funds through paypal. Hand over your login/password for kickstarter then they can make the changes. Make sure you delete your card details in Kickstarter first. Confirm new delivery address with Xunshu


Thank you for your input. Who should confirm the new delivery address the transferor (original backer) or the acquirer of the pledge once he has made the changes to the ks portal?.. In my case I only have only pledged for the 8k, and do not mind losing the account to someone else.


How do you safely sell anything on reddit?


You just have to trust people. I use/r/hardware swap. I’ve sold two Razer Blades, I parted my GTX 1080 desktop, and I bought an Alienware 15 from another user on there. In fact, I trade game keys there all the time now, the people there are great!

I’ve been gift card scammed (I was 15 and dumb) but I since learned and I’ve sold a few thousand dollars worth of stuff on there. I trusted Neo on here and I’m glad I did, he trusted me as well.


I agree with Buster I trusted Buster also and it worked out


Good to hear. I have not conducted any sale on reddit but have +250 positive votes(100%) on ebay over the last 15 years, also a trustworthy LinkedIn profile goes a long way in creating confidence IMO…


In kickstarter you cant change the Pimax survey it’s set in stone. Pimax needs to make changes manually. You only have the option to change your KS account address and details. Once the accounts transfered you both need to confirm the new delivery address with Pimax. They can go in and change it manually. Send a PM xunshu with you both tagged. Also send a message to Pimax through their website support


does the survey take into account thumbsticks or trackpads choice, and can that choice be changed.


That was in the survey but you would need to have pimax change it manually. They can change the address so I dont see why not. You might want to check first


Sadly I can’t do that since I’m not a backer but people that are selling it should look into that.