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Yeah Im quite impressed about the mobile i7 7700 processor. Being a 4 core only, it still does a great job in editing/exporting in Adobe Premiere Pro. Not far behind my previous desktop 4790K.
But undervolting is a must. I couldnt barely use it until I undervolted it. Went from 90+ to max 72 degrees on full load (30+ minutes full load)


You must have strong must have strong VR legs!! To be able to stay in there that long with all that distortion , godrays and SDE .

Just fishing :smirk:


I remember when was it hp? Put a desktop p4 in laptops & overheating city. The only fix they could do didn’t make ppl happy underclocking the cpu as they paided for the “performance”.


Yeah, but undervolting a laptop CPU does not affect performance. Its only limiting the volt input to the CPU so it only gets enough power to do the task at full performance, but not more than that. Less volt in = less heat. It takes some time to find the correct values and lots of laptop crashes until you find the sweet spot for the millivolts, but its really worth the hassle!


I’m worry a bit now becouse of this „not perfection” pimax will not lift NDA at all and we will still dont know do they done any progress in right direction since CES.
My second worrynes is that as Pimax said that they are confident about m1, so now its looks like they have different perception about quality. Lets hope this is only software or driver/firmware related things.
As an early Vive owner I can say that expirence wasnt perfect becouse of my old PC spec, also during a year I learn how to play with SS, evolved steam Vr app seetings and games graph. options. During the last 2 years a bought accessories to improve HMD comfort. If this is the case I’m ok but if not and they have to come back to design desk and lab than I lost my patience here and will imediatly ordering Vive Pro to enjoy better resolution this summer. With new toy I can wait another couple months.


I think you’re just out of luck here. They can’t comment on these expected timelines and you will have to decide for yourself if you can live with the uncertainty or not. I think many are just like you but this is a kickstarter project and unfortunately we can’t really expect more clear delivery guarantees.

I’d say buy your Vive Pro now and sell it when your Pimax arrives and you think it’s a better product.


Buy a Vive Pro & put in the GearVR lenses… these lenses are much better than the original fresnel lenses! Than you have got a really good VR… an a really expensive VR :smiley:


My condolences, doctor. :wink:


Guys, in all likelihood we will hear something in the coming 2-3 weeks, be it good news or bad news. We might not get all the details, true, but a general statement will surely be issued, obviously paired with the information on expected start of mass production. If everything is good enough (in Pimax’ opinion), they will proceed with production. If not, they will proceed with M2. In the latter case one would hope that they let us know how much delay they expect from the findings of the beta testers - although their estimates in the past had the tendency to assume the best case.

I personally would not consider buying any oother VR HMD in the meantime until we get this kind of statement on the findings of the beta test. Apart from the fact that it is just a couple of weeks, it is summer over here so I would not be using the alternative device that excessively anyhow and - the world cup starts tomorrow, so I will be watching that a lot (being in a convenient time-zone for it obviously helps) :grinning:

So timing-wise I am pretty relaxed. It is the suspense of learning how good, or not, the 8K is, which is killing me. Getting a Samsung or Vive pro will not make that better…


This is what I have done , will sell the pro if the pimax is good


For all we know, the M1 might be good and the software needs a bit of work, perhaps due to wide FOV problems with existing games. Of course, there could be hardware issues and we’ll have to wait for M2. The point is we just don’t know at this point, so I hope Pimax will issue an update on the M1 in the next week (preferably, but unlikely) or in a few more weeks.

Unfortunately, Kickstarters are often delayed like this, so we have no choice but to be patient. At least they have done the preliminary manufacturing run, so it does look like we’ll get a product eventually. Not all Kickstarter backers are so lucky.


patience :blush: ( 20 characters)


I alredy did lens swap in my orginal Vive so I have everthing to do this quickly


Nda ,m1 m2 har name that tune its got to be circles in the sand


…and if (however unlikely), on top of that pure software matter, the scaler on the HMD
should turn out to be able to use arbitrary (and controllable by the driver) scale factors, it would also be nice if this could let you render to- and actually utilise- the full native resolution of the screens, within that reduced FOV.


We will most likly get in production after this is my bet ,iron out all the little things work out the big stuff for later release of pimax pro :poop:


I kind of hope ( bob hope caracter no 2)


Yes I think so too , really have to wonder how much sway the current testers will have at this stage


I cant see brain warp happening yet maybe a software update later would be ok :ok_hand:t2: evan if the pimax is only good up to 180fov with a bit of distortion after that ,surely just need soft ware again barrel distortion ect ?cant see what the hold up is unless still lens ? then should go back to v2 unless gosting maybe not stable 80 hz or screen brightness a problem Come on already and get shipping :sneezing_face:


That option should already exist: Just decrease the amount of super-sampling; that will effectively reduce the rendered resolution.

As for weaker GPUs, imo, everyone should have considered this before pledging as a backer. If you have a minimum supported GPU, like the 970 or 1070, you should expect to run on low-quality settings, just like you would for the minimum spec on a game. I have a 980Ti, but I plan to buy an 1180Ti, as soon as it is available.

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