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[quote=“D3Pixel, post:58, topic:6439, full:true”]
Do you have any reference? like the chip model or something? would be interesting to have a quick look over it.[/quote]
There’s some speculation that it’s the same chip as the one in the Pimax 4K, but I haven’t be able to locate a specific chip model for the M1. So far, the details have been vague. The reason I think it’s a very simple chip is that there was some discussion that it only supported 1440p upconversion to 3840x2160p and had no 1080p upscale support.

[quote=“matthew.xu, post:8, topic:3972, full:true”]We are using the hardwrae
upscaling technology, built-in function module, no way to bypass it.[/quote]

Here are components of 8K V1-V2:*
1x DP 1.4 to 2xHDMI splitter, unknown maker(performs almost no logic).
2x HDMI to DisplayPort Bridge Controller ANX7678, in specs noted it is designed for use with ANX7530. Specs3.
2x ANX7530 . Used to accept out from anx7678(2160v x3840h (DSC 2:1)) and sent to MIPI, actual DSC(real deal, used Algorithm not just math to reduce BW) to each MIPI 1080v x 1920h, 2MIPI per eye, so we get not uspcaled, but decompressed 4K per eye output res. Not native, but decoded/decompressed/restored res. Much better than dumb upscaling.
Why this method won’t work with 1xDP and direct DP to anx7530, because anx7530 is not designed for native DSC 1.4, but to be fed via anx7678, then the claim DP 1.4 compatible have sense. This guys design HW they are correct always or HW is junk.

Here’s a link to the discussion threads…


Perhaps try one of these if you have fond memories of Duke Nukem3D:




My fond memories of Duke3D were shattered irevokeably with the reboot.


Yeah but top down is kinda getting old. That contra styled game play. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Duke 3D was a FPS…one of the original ground breakers like Doom or Quake.:+1:


But Duke Nukem started side shooter like contra.

Once they added 3d to it it became fps.


yes and that’s why I first mentioned that my fond memories were of Duke3d…not Duke Nukem


Well you should have loved Contra. Lol


Those mods looks interesting!
Just bought the Croteam VR pack on Steam, - 80% off! Only installed Talos Principle and Last stand, gonna try them out this weekend.


I got that a while ago and it’s a steal at that price. Serious Sam 1,2,3 are great in vr.


graphics on this game look great, but I feel I would become weary of the endless waves of attacks without any breaks.


You can’t be serious


Man you just brought me back… wow


well I certainly can now…a game takes on more interest in my opinion when there is some pacing/strategy, between the full on hardcore butchery.


No meant it litterally :innocent:


I seriously thought you meant it figuratively in a subjective and yet subjorative subjungtive. :thinking:


Ha yea, what I should have replied was "yes Sam I am I am…green eggs and ham.


Going to Def leppard concert few hours with gf. Going to have many​:beer::beer::grin: