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of note, sebastian made a casual remark about the ‘leaks’ and mentioned along the lines of taking leaks where someone did not have ipd set properly with grain of salt, to paraphrase. so it sounds like at very least he has not has ipd issues.


@SweViver uses IPD70. @VoodooDE tested with IPD60, if I heard it correctly.
Both working long hours.


at this point i would lean on ipd issues being made up whole cloth or the result of incorrect calibration. if people can use it without issue for 70 hours at 60 and 70 ipd then the ipd probably works.


Agreed, that’s way too much of a difference for the IPD mechanism not to work and have both reviewers put in so much time at this point.


And if IPD works while the leakers say it didn’t, I’m gonna drop all their claims and just sit this all out. Like a good boy.


question it’s been bugging me Is it Capable of super sampling ?

I mean how would it even be possible When it’s not even rendering at native resolution .


It’s the bandwidth that limits the resolution, whatever you do on the GPU side is your rigs limit


OK got it but I can’t imagine a supersampled ,upscaled image looking natural … “ but what do I know”?


Pimax has its own render multiplier.

Upscaled downdanpled the upscaled


Well to a layman it just sounds like you’re back to square one Given your example that is :point_up:️ LOL


What do you mean by upscale downdanpled upscale lol…? I feel like there’s a typo in there


Essentially when you supersample, the image is downsampled to the displays native input.

In the case of the pimax 4k & 8k the native input resolution is less than the panel’s native resolution.

So say SS to 4k uhd 38402160 is downsampled to qhd 25601440. Then the scaling chip upscaled the image to the panel’s native Resolution of 3840*2160.

Hope that explains it. Essentially the SS image should create a better quality image than a native qhd image (reducing the need to Anti alias).


So it’s bascially the same as steamvr’s supersampling right? But changing supersampling settings in steamvr settings doesn’t change anything and that’s what piplay does…correct?


Correct. At keast this how the 4k functions & the 5k/8k should be the same.


Are we positive on that? Given the SteamVR tracking employed I was hoping the 8K reported natively as a SteamVR device without the need for a 3rd party driver…