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Yes very positive. Pimax has its own rendering driver that is steam compatiable.

I beleive this is needed to be able to be able to do Brainwarp.

@sjefdeklerk long ago posted an article on the benefits of making their own compatible render driver. Things like optimisations specific to their headsets.


Hmd 's always have their own (3rd party) driver that hooks into steamvr. Steamvr also offers rendering services like distortion correction. Most hmds just use those steamvr rendering services. Pimax doesn’t use those but they are using their own renderer which gives them much more freedom in how to render things. I don’t think the steam renderer is even capable of rendering such wide fov. That is why pimax wrote their own. This has no impact on tracking whatsoever by the way


In fact, I’m thinking that brainwarp will be hardware that is related to shutter glass.
It’s just my guess.

Xunshu said, Brainwarp is proven feasible in the lab. We will test it in the new hardware structure and will adopt Brainwarp in the final version.

Is this software or hardware?


While I wouldn’t say it looks “natural”, it looks better with supersampling (than it would without SS). I’ve tried this on my 4K monitor, using Elite Dangerous. While upscaled 1440p (to 4K) with SS=1.5 is not as crisp as native 4K, it doesn’t suffer from aliased jaggies, so in some respects, supersampled and upscaled 1440p looks better. Ideally, you’d supersample the 4K and not upscale it, but that’s not an option for the Pimax 8K.

I considered getting the 5K, which would avoid the upscaling, but the pixels will be larger and more visible, than the 8K. The blending which is inherent in the 8K’s upscaling will tend to introduce some fuzziness, which should make the image look more natural (like a photograph, not CGI).

Ideally, we’d be able to have native 4K for each eye, like the 8KX, so we could avoid the upscaling, but that’s not really affordable for the masses (yet).


Oh, good, that is similar specs to my Gigabyte Aero 15X. It’ll be interesting to see how your system performs with the M1.


Helio, the current gen of gaming laptops with the 10x Nvidia chips is not the same as yester years laptops.

The 10X Nvidia GPU’s are a huge improvement over their older M counterparts and anything with a HQ i7 7X series Intel CPU or higher, of which you can get in laptops nowdays, is also capable.

Maybe not up their with highend desktop gaming rigs but not that far behind as previous gen laptops where.


Wonder what brightness/contrast is like with 5k


I was thinking of supersampling the 5k , even the OG vive with gear lens mod has really noticeable SDE but looks so much better with plenty of SS on 1080ti


fully agree (20 characters)


Why aren’t you inside the closed beta? With test unit or not, I understand that your knowledge would help them to optimize the software, which is what they are trying to do.


@sjefdeklerk Yeah. @Cdaked is right. Is the tester unit offered to you or not? And if so. Why did you choose to dont do it? (looks like ad hominem; but that definately isnt).