8k News Embargo ON


I decided to buy the PSVR and The PS4 pro as it seems that we are due for a long wait before getting the Pimax8K.


Ironic, I just sold my psvr and PS4 Pro getting ready for the 8K, but still own the Rift to bridge the wait. If there are more longish delays to fix the perceived recently discovered 8K issues then indeed downer news since Pimax has had 6 months already to prepare for the beta tester’s critique.


Wonder what issues they find , i read somewhere that many Chinese people are myopic so i hope the screens are in focus


but they develop glasses long time ago dont you ?:slight_smile:

I created this thread just for fun , not for another speculation flame, so guys please don’t go this way…


What no nonsensical speculative drivel


Get used, it will take a looong while until we get some real news, mainly because all these ndas and testing units are fake. We never saw actual videos of gameplay recorded from M1 unit or at least some kind of hardware tests, its obvious they trick us all the time.



I believe you :scream:


I think you have the wrong end of the stick here, I am referring to the BS from posters on this forum not from Pimax, anyone who thinks that they (Pimax) are lying is at best deluded or at worst Donald Trump like. This is my 18th Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign I have funded and is by far the best for communication and apart from 3 the least delay of any of them so far. Unfortunately most people now seem to spend lives with their glasses way below half full.


Nest time please ignore , thank you


Nah, documentaries about Hollow Earth, UFO’s and Nazis are better.


In all seriousness though indications are theres still problems. No green light yet


yes indeed, it’s a challege to change the subject and focus on other things to be honest because that is the elephant in the room.


Yup that’s what were here for


Just goes to show a game has incorrect info lol.


So my post wasnt “BS” enough for you? That makes me sad, i’ve tried so hard to make you happy and bring you something you’re missing so much :smiley:


Waiting patiently (lol) for a new thread announcing the remainder of the beta testers, man somethings got to give…things are too vanilla around here lately :wink:


heard you will need bimoculars to get pimax in focus
also case is made from recycled mcdonalds wrappers


The remainder of the testers will not go public, because they are scared to death for the hounding and harrassing of the two that are public.


What did I win? A Pimax 8K testslot? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, they did voluntarily stand in the streaming light now didn’t they…and as for the others I’m just interested in knowing that the rest have received their units and that the full group testing is underway.