8k News Embargo ON


sounds like an enthusiastic thumbs up :wink: I think I will :+1:


Im not sure?but that would be awesome!


A new update for Alien Isolation just came out…this guy is a one man show. Very impressive.


Alien isolation is scary in vr…having to hide from those dam things is crazy good…


yea, pop into a locker look through the vent and hold your frakkin breath ha.


anyone have a link to the HL2 vr mod?


I just wish he (the modder) could add some kind of motion controller support…


I think that may be coming soon as well, let’s hope anyway. He says that he is ramping up his efforts to complete it.


If he get motion controller support to work, AI will sell like hot cakes on steam :slight_smile:


For sure!


Man that game just makes you shiet your pants alone on that ship with that thing roaming the halls…it’s terrifying in VR.Imagine standing in the halls with a 200 degree FOV.


I’ll probably give it a try, once I have my 8K. Tbh, I enjoyed the original Quake more than Quake 2.


Not done yet, but he seems very confident it will happen.

0.6 just released.


Indeed Quake 1 is a classic. Much more creepy than Quake 2. But the room scale in Quake 2VR really makes it a great experience! :slight_smile:


we’re all just old effers aren’t we, brought up and schooled in Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein, and halflife…those were the days.


True, but I have to say that Quake 1 on a 4K monitor with colored lighting looks SO good (except for the monster models which have super-low polygon counts). I first played it in 320x240 256 colors. It’s almost a different game.

Another old-school game that plays well is Unreal. For a while Unreal Gold was a free download on Steam, so I grabbed it. I long ago lost my original (legit) copy. Aside from the low-poly models, Unreal has really held up over the years! It looks fantastic on a 4K monitor.

There’s an open-source project for total conversion of the legendary Unreal Gold (1998) in Unreal Engine 4 with VR support, but it only has the first few levels…


ah very interesting and thanks for the link. I used to play Unreal Tournament for endless hours 20 years ago.


I remember playing Q1 in 320x200 as well :slight_smile: Then I got the first Voodoo card (Monster 3D) OMG it looked amazing then, and playing in 800x600 or 1024x768 was something really incredible. Oh and Unreal yeah… So much fun! Ahh good old days!


I wonder if anyone could make a VR mod for the original Unreal game, that would be so cool! Isnt it open source today like Quake?


I beleive it is. Another family friendly game that uses one of tge unreal tournament game engines is World of Padman. Sadly I don’t think they are likely to release “Standalone Complex” the story mode so to speak.

Its a free game as well. There is also a free Wolfenstein Enemy Territory game as well.

Both have alot of crossplatform support.