8k News Embargo ON


Yes, the source for Unreal 1 is available here:


I could not find any VR mod for Unreal 1, so someone on this forum should jump on the opportunity, while we wait for the 8K to actually arrive. :smiley:

Also, the Unreal 4 Engine does include VR support.


Yes I think it might be opensource, will have to look into it. I just downloaded the UnrealVR demo and going to check it out now.


I bought my first Graphics card for Quake also, a Rendition Vérité 1000. Remember those?


Unreal VR would be amazing. Tried it with some success in vorpx but native would be much better.

On the subject of old school open source ports to VR, there is one for Jedi Outcast/Academy but they don’t support SteamVR. Oculus only. If that could work, then RTC Wolfenstein should too.


nice to see some positive vibes in this forum tonight, I think we need it. cheers gentleman.:slight_smile:


Rendition Vérité was a classic, but feels like they vanished fast from the market! I remember I only could afford an S3 Virge DX back then, until I could pair it with the Monster 3D :slight_smile:


My first Gpu was a Trident Svga with 1meg of ram on a Trident crt monitor. On a 386sx16 with Mathco 4megs Dram with an 16bit Isa 4meg expansion card & a 16bit 30pin sim expansion that had 2megs for a whopping 10megs Ram. With 7 slots gor expansion boards i had 10 expansions cards plugged in. My 65meg scsi 5.25" half height hd. Lol

Doom to run perfectly said “Buy a 486 :)” idkfa all the way.

An origin game that was good b4 Wing Commander; Space Rogue was a favorite.


Yes, it was. I really enjoyed Wing Commander! That was probably the first space game I played on my own computer. These days, it’s been replaced by Elite Dangerous.


Well that brings back memories… My first 3D accelerated card was the 3dfx voodoo banshee. I upgraded to Voodoo2 and 3 soon after.


The Voodoo2 was a great card. I still have a Voodoo TShirt (from E3) somewhere in my closet. The shirt far outlasted the usefulness of the card. (Isn’t the pace of technology amazing?)


Yeah… it was in those days I was wishing the world had VR !
Look at us now


Martin!!! what are you doing here!!! get back to testing :wink:

ummmmm unless… your actually using big screen in 8K and testing that… if so WELCOME :smile:


Well, he still has time to tweet, you know. Read it and draw your own conclusions…


That post was made 3 hours ago and from sweden that would be 5 am. So I guess he’s making the most of his time haha


Well my first GPU was OCS with 512 chip ram and it sits next to Paula , Gary and Denis .In 1994 I replaced my belowed GPU for AGA - 2 MB Chip ram and her neighborhood was Gayle , Alice, Paula and Budgie

oh what I’m talking about ?:slight_smile:


Sounds like an Amiga. Am i right?


Yes Sir and she is still with me


I’m a packrat too. :slight_smile: I have one in the basement, but I haven’t turned it on in 10 years. It still worked the last time I tested it. I should probably put it up on eBay.


Truth never owned one but wanted one. A friend had the Amiga 500. Depending on the model 1000 or 2000 if mem serves if you remove the cover it had signatues? Engraved.

The Amiga was very advanced & was one the first to seperate processing to other chips. If mem serves the 2000 had an optional 486 daughter board. The graphics capabilities were top notch; I remember how much better Golden AXe looked & was my first introduction to Marble Madness.

Amiga, Apple & Tandy had some pretty advanced features compared to standard ibm compatibles.

There is a Linux Mint respin I think called Commodore Vision.


…and I remember how annoyed I was when moving from the C64 to the Amiga, that many game devs seemed to only focus on neat visuals abandoning the game play to a larger extent. It got better with time though.