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I moved from atari 800 xl and spectrum 48k lent from friend for couple months when sold my atari to gather funds for Amiga.
That was amazing and wonderful years. Similar feeIings I had 2,5 years ago when move from monitor into VR.
I feel like a kid again but without some peculiar limitations…


No one’s remember cooper and Fat Agnus.


I was only dreaming about it as they are in A3000/4000T machines only… Still to expensive for me :wink:


They where in the Amiga 500, like the others.:wink:


God I still have my old Amiga too :wink: An A1200 with the 060 66mhz accelerator card, 32mb of FAST memory, Goliath PSU, Surf Squirrel SCSI/RS232 PCMCIA card, 3gb HDD, Iomega Zip drive, CD-ROM… Ah those were the days, R-Type, Galaga, Shadow of the Beast II, Hired Guns, Speedball II, Gods, The Chaos Engine, Cannon Fodder, Lemmings, honestly I’m getting all misty-eyed thinking about it :smile:.


I’m not sure about it , base my knowledge orinal Agnus was in OCS machines like a500/a2000 but Fat Agnus goes with ECS chiset A600/A3000

Edit : checked on wiki and yes you are right next iteration was called „fatter agnus”


Unreal tournament was one of my favorites! Countless hours playing that game…


living his best life.


I was very sure, I programmed in assembler with my Amiga 500. Fat Agnus controlled all the other chips and their accesses to memory, even those of the CPU (68000).

Each co-processor had a different clock speed. Fat Agnus synchronized everything.


Did you ever get a Freeze Frame and do some peeking n poking? :smiley:

One game I would like to see done right is the original Duke Nukem. “Sticky Bomb Go Boom” That game was so funny in Multiplayer.


Duke Nukem 3D did work in VR, but last time I tried it was messed up. Maybe driver/game updates broke it.


Just watched a YT video! Gotta try it. If it works, I just hope it wont ruin my memories lol.

I wonder if it is possible to create a patch for old school games that hacks the fixed-look-aim and replaces it with hand controller aim. I know that’s asking a lot but people can do amazing these days.


Were you active in the demo scene? I coded some demos and trainers myself, great fun


Indeed must be Duke Nukem 3d. Since prior to the 3d it was a 2d top down if memory serves me right.


No, I really only did tests in my home, I was more interested in how games were made, to make great animated characters that I could move with my joystick and keyboard, incorporate music, wireframe 3D with pre-calculated data tables and things alike. Yes, I knew people on the demo escene and, in fact, provided them graphics and animations.

I have started now with Blender and I plan to learn both Unreal Engine and Unity 3D as well.
I am a programmer with almost 30 years of experience working in c #, java and c ++ and with knowledge of assembler.


And here comes beta tester no.3: VoodooDE has announced that he is another 8K M1 tester:

(it’s in German, and don’t bother asking for a translation, he did what the others did, but thankfully this time in less than 10 minutes - no disclosing of any impressions)


It is an awkward feeling that after all these years my knowledge of German language is so very useful. :slight_smile:
Hab mal Praktikum gemacht in Stuttgart in 1994. War tol, gelle. :wink:


suprice suprice…
Btw my Deutch is marginal so I do undestand only 10% from this vid but it looks like he is more happy than usually :slight_smile:


I only know how to ask for " one beer please in german" actually my daughter going to germany in few weeks with high school german class…


haha, same but a large one or you get a lady beer.

sounds like Ein Gross a beer bitter.