8k News Embargo ON


lol he is permitted to say what tests he runs / does , but not how they work-out .


He seems a good kid.


Tkx!! I ll remember that for sure!:beer::beer:


I guess he explained it in the video, so people can mail him other suggestions for testing, if he misses something or someone has an interesting idea for the test.


That was a joke. Haha. Fat chance. :robot:


You never know as it was made with The source engine as well.


[quote=“Davebobman, post:125, topic:6380, full:true”]

That was a joke. Haha. Fat chance. :robot:


VoodooDE is a great guy indeed :slight_smile:

But hey I just need to add:
THANK GOD the video was less than 10 minutes, I mean… Axacuatl you already wasted 30+18 minutes of your life last week… :wink:



I love all this nostalgia!

Unreal… I followed the development of that game for yeaars before release vacuuming any information i could get my hands on.
It had such an atmosphere, the first meeting with skaarj was like a peek into the future of gaming.

3dfx, i supported them to death, have my old voodoo5 5500 lying somewhere.

Nothing was quite as dramatic as the first 3dfx cards. The audible mechanic “click” as your computer turned into “kit” from nigh rider :wink:
Orchid righteous 3d, what a gem


Glad to see you have time to follow all these threads. Meanwhile 6000 of us wait to see if our money has been thrown into the void. You could just wink if things are looking up :wink:


Don’t you dare…


I remember having the Unreal Demo; that wasn’t a game.


Im currently doing 12 hour long and lazy night shifts at work. But the Pimax 8K M1 is with me 11 of these 12 hours. Once I get home I continue to test for another 4 hours. Is that dedication enough? :wink:


To say I envy you is an understatement…I’m literally foaming at the mouth lol :mask::mask::mask::grin::grin:


That wink thou.

as an aside. call me easily impressed but i will never not love that blue glowing chevron.


I agree…easily the coolest looking headset. If all goes well pimax has the ability to embarrass the big boys :joy::joy:


Is this pimax 8k on this photo ? I dont see clearly can you turn device and send us more photos ? :slight_smile:
or… wait better gameplay vids :smile_cat:


Must be the Asus ROG GTX 1070 version? Just a wild guess. Not sure, though. You told you would be testing laptop version with 1070. Though 1070 on laptops do underperform slightly to the desktop 1070.



Dude…where da hell do even work that allows you to come with the freaking vr headset there? :frowning: