8k News Embargo ON


hey if everything works on a mobile 1070 ill be a happy bunny.


That makes two of us.


Yes its the GL702VS with GTX 1070 and i7 7700, 16GB ram


i mean an odd side effect of the 8k being 80 hz instead of 90 because of chip is i guess it’s >10 percent less taxing on gpu than it was meant to be. XD


I don’t know, show me. :wink:


I am really curious about your findings. Hope this laptop is performing well with the Blue Chevron One :yum:
Hope NDA will be lifted soonish.


[quote=“SweViver, post:133, topic:6380, full:true”]Im currently doing 12 hour long and lazy night shifts at work. But the Pimax 8K M1 is with me 11 of these 12 hours. Once I get home I continue to test for another 4 hours. Is that dedication enough? :wink:

That tells me that vr sickness seems not to be a problem with this headset, which is good news.


whenever a tester posts. https://images.halloweencostumes.com/products/32853/1-2/adult-sherlock-holmes-costume.png


A lot of “testing” blimey how many things can you test in a headset


Don‘t get me wrong, I don‘t mean to diss you and Sebastian. Perhaps it is my fault, I usually do not really follow YouTube channels. So I watched these announcements, eager to not miss any important information, just to find out that there was no futher information being shared besides the revelation of being a tester, showing the M1 from distance and the news embargo due to the NDA.
I personally prefer to get information in a somewhat more condensed form, and in this case there was limited information to be shared but it was -in my opinion- spread out in a pretty lengthy clip. I will surely watch your eventual review of the delivery units with great interest and -hopefully- great pleasure (this depends on the quality of the 8K) but I guess all the intermittent kind of clips probably are just not my cup of tea. No hard feelings, but I would indeed hope, with up to seven more of these reveal clips to come, that the colleagues will keep it a wee bit shorter too.


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We can hope… but it would appear that we still have about 7 testers waiting for the units. unless they decided not to announce them.


Don’t you dare go sleuthing after tomorrow; 11 out of 12 hours has to mean the HMD is left unwatched during lunch break… https://images.halloweencostumes.com/products/4084/1-2/mens-burglar-costume.jpg


ive hired tom cruise for this impossible mission. I hope Sweviver has a skylight



And now for something completely different


soz its a long wait to pimax day


Well, actually not all of them will probably be Youtubers, so it could indeed be the case that some of them want to conduct the review in anonymity until it is done; so they will not be harrassed by the backer mob to reveal some information :wink:.
It seems unlikely that the likes of Pumcy or Ben from RtVR have received one, because Pimax only want them to review the final version to get less negative reviews, but there still may be others who preferred to not get revealed yet.


The purpose of doing the beta testing has nothing to do with my channel. As you may have seen, I have put all my energy on the M1 now, and havent done a single video since the announcement last Friday. I havent recorded even a second yet. I feel responsibility to make sure things work as expected. And there are loads of stuff to test.

When NDA is lifted there will be no full reviews from us. There will be most likely videos showing off what we have tested, what works and how it works etc. Full 8K reviews will be up once the final headset has arrived and been evaluated.

I cant say anything yet. You know why. Not my decision, but I can admit NDA was a good decision by the Pimax team. All 10 (or whatever number there is) testers has apparently (to my knowledge) not received their units yet, so right now its all about testing as much games, apps etc as possible, collect data and work together with techs/devs to improve things. Nobody said its “not working”. It actually does work. But nothing is perfect from start, and all Vive/Rift/WMR owners knows that pretty well. And to prevent unnecessary questions, thats what closed beta testings are made for.

What is the delay?

Do ya thang mate. I hope they will fix every one of your found issues. Even if you only find one thing, I’m good to receive after summer heat. There’s no air conditioning in my house. :sweat_smile:


You should be able to find reviews on the laptop. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy: