8K Update 18/01/2018


Well said that man. This forum is a bloody nightmare to navigate trying to find relevant information.


The problem is, ideally Xunshu should post this kind of information in a fixed, locked thread. However, it was posted amidst of a long thread with all sorts of topics being discussed in it. As long as Pimax do not give their communication a bit more structure, people will work with work-arounds, and this one made sense in my eyes as it would avoid a few frustrated posts in any of the threads of users who missed this statement in the long thread.

And yes, I posted such an impatient “when are you going to tell us something” post towards Pimax, guilty as charged. But having been around this forum for a couple of months now I knew that with every day passing without any update, nor hint as when to expect it, you would get more and more pissed-off comments declaring Pimax to be a pile of shite and expecting the end of the world as a result of Pimax taking a week or two longer to come back to the community. So I thought we could actually prevent a ton of such posts for the time we are waiting by getting Pimax to tell us, when they probably will be issuing their update.

As you do not wish to be another one of those users, who address their stuff to Pimax, you could direct it at Helio and make suggestions on how to improve the readibility in this forum by channeling the communication coming from Pimax in a way which makes it easy to follow, and how to perhaps limit the number of new threads being introduced. However, the latter is always a bit of a risk as this may be perceived by some users as a simple censorship tool to silence them, especially if it should affect threads with views critical of Pimax.

(and yes, I am well aware of the general communication style of Davobkk in this forum, however I did find it quite reasonable what he did in this thread, and I only speak about this point in my comments here)


There is the “Official 5k/8k updates” topic for this.


Okay folks what i am going to request is a poke here & there.

When The team posts something important. Create a post with a link to the Updated post.


@heliosurge please move to “Official 5k/8k Updates”

I will move your post there. This way your post gets the credit for the link & we have the update in an easy to read spot.


She might prefer you refer to her as female. lol


Thanks for pointing that out! As an ignorant westerner I have no clear distinction of gender from Chinese names.
Also wow, she is beautiful.


Thought it’s a he all this time lmao


No she’s not.

I have removed the professional photograph of Xushu Li, although I suppose is chosen by her, since I just wanted to make it clear that she was not a man, that I found offensive. If someone has been offended, I apologize.


I suspect you’re completely on your own with that one. At least it seems fine to me.
I welcome any new news far more than I care about trivial pettiness such as who posted it first, or whether the posting was a screen grab off a phone or whatever.
I strongly suspect (but don’t claim to know or speak for everyone as you apparently do) that most other backers here actually feel the same way as I do, especially given Pimax’s own shortcomings with regular updates.


Hopefully Pimax 8K will work at least as good as Xunshu looks.


Continuing the discussion from Questions to Norman:

Bet @reptilexcq is regretting ever saying

to xunshu in that post, knowing xunshu looks like that :smile:


I know chinese and I didn’t know that’s a female name (guilty of referring to xunshu as a male all this while :smile: ). I guess it is like “Alex” in english. It works for both sexes.


You have such high expectations @mirq


How well can you speak Chinese?


Not super well. I am better with English. I did study mandarin before but reading chinese characters is a pain in the butt


Am I the only one that find that it’s off topic and akward to discuss about how Xunshu looks like in here ?


You are not the only one here. Maybe @moderators could keep the discussion more on topic?


Maybe not. It is you and several girls, if you ask me. But why did you ask me ? Who am I to judge ?

P.S. The fact that some of us learnt that Xunshu is a girl is the most important update about Pimax 8K since CES 2018. And that’s because the lack of other more interesting and useful info, so the subject is not that off topic as you suggest it would be.

And to keep on topic:

Am I the only one who feels that no update is going on here on forum or anywhere else regarding Pimax 8K before or after CES ?


Truthfully @Clem is correct about being off topic.

If folks had gone with “Moving Forward” topic it would be easier to moderate.

We need more moderaters & more active.


What happened to Matthew Xu ? I thought he was supposed to be the community manager here ? Currently it is Xunshu who is posting Pimax statements in the forum…