8K Update 18/01/2018


Good question his presence has decreased.

@matthew.xu maybe on vacation? @xunshu


No you are not. Sorry I brought it up. I was actually making a point (as subtle as it was) that it is easy for people to make assumptions and go with them. It seems a lot of these threads have that one in common.

I agree completely that this forum needs a more concise “moderation” policy and more active moderation (and organization). Stop me now, before I ramble on to the brink. I put that challenge on my fellow Torontonian, Heliosurge, to try and expedite since he is the only one who seems to be in regular attendance. No pressure bud.
Start with me as I am off topic.


Matthew is assigned to another task temporarily, but he is still working with us to collect feedback from the forum and facebook.


I don’t feel like making a new topic to reduce clutter but PLEASE try to repost/link any updates to https://www.reddit.com/r/Pimax/ . It’s actually one of the first few links when googling about Pimax and I’m certain it would make it a lot easier for people to search for Official updates instead of trying to navigate all the clutter in the forum.

@Heliosurge @Pimax-Support @xunshu


Personally I’m trying to be patient, I ordered my 8K and the best way to deal with news and not be impatient is to only visit once a week so I don’t usually see every post and I’m afraid I might miss an important update. Keep up the good work!


I understand that the official Pimax forum is this, not Reddit’s.

What they should do is update the news in their thread here:
"5K/8K Official Updates"

And in the rest of their social networks.


Dear @Axacuatl, @Heliosurge,

I’ve been paying attention to forum, but I’ve been assigned other tasks for a while. So I didn’t reply to you in time, but I’m back now.:grin:


So Mathew.xu, whats going on at Pimax this week, anything interesting ?


So yeah, any updates about shipping and the new prototype, so when can we expect exactly some news?


Err… you do notice in which thread you are posting ?! Perhaps have another look at the title & first post of this thread.

(I just really really hope you missed the information and were not chasing after “tell us on which day, which exact time down to the second Pimax is going to post the update”…)

@matthew.xu: thanks for letting us know, and I hope that the Pimax information policy in the forum will become a bit more structured and less ad hoc style… I am sure some guys who have been around here for longer, like Heliosurge, surely would have valuable ideas on how to perhaps improve that a bit.

To give an example: one of the points is that there are questions which have been asked approx. 1 mio. times, like the ReVive or Brainwarp support, and yet it seems that there is not much information being shared (other than “it works fine”, but in the case of ReVive so far the demo only showed an app which apparently runs on SteamVR too). If Pimax are working on an issue or a feature, but have not yet got it to work satisfactorily, I guess some of us in this forum would rather have Pimax just say that that is the status, and you will let us know if and once it has been resolved, and give updates on all issues perhaps monthly or every two weeks. And if an issue still is being worked on, well, then just keep that same comment on the issue. And if you do report the issues - better don’t give dates of expected resolution if you know that you are going to miss these in 30% or more of the case - that sort of voluntary commitment will then only backfire for you, and you will inevitably have people here doubting Pimax’ capability of doing proper project management…


the ReVive or Brainwarp support,

This kind of stuff is trivial noise compared to getting the headset itself working properly.
Do you really not see the retardedness in working on a software issue that they could work on and provide updates for AFTER they have released the headset, compared to spending their limited remaining engineering time and resources on making sure the headset itself is as good as it can be?

there is not much information being shared (other than “it works fine”

So what part of “It works fine” are you not understanding?


I tend to agree on the priority, at least for the ReVive matter, Brainwarp may have interaction required from the hardware, and would be quite important to allow for good performance with the 8K.

But I just picked random examples here. For some of the backers these seem important, and I am not at all saying that Pimax should be focussing on these two, but they should simply address them in their real status to manage expectations.

Regarding the “works fine” - true, they apparently work so fine that there is not even any need to demo them to the public, because their just too rock solid, would just be boring when you instead can show off stuff which doesn’t work… :joy:

Pimax 8K Progress [Updated: Feb 6, 2018]

Okey dokey, so matthew is back.

That 's the news for this month, see you next month guys.


I’m going to get to know about current situation with xunshu and other people today. After all, I have been away for more than two months and need to spend some time to understand the situation.

I hope I can come back here as soon as possible to solve the problem quickly.:grin:

BTW, @mirq LOL, I like your joke really creased me (with laughter).


What if…

It’s not a joke…



It is March. I think I can predict things.

P.S. : @matthew.xu Lol, I like my jokes too.


Hey guys, we better wait with a beer in hand, in case the wait is too long :joy: