8k with dust on inside of lens or screen



Hello there Pimax team!
I have received my 8k, but have noticed there seems to be some kind of dust on the inside of the left lens or screen. I do not think it is dead pixel, because it seems to cover at least 4-5 pixels. It is very annoying as it is close to the center of the FOV.
What do you advise me to do? Is there any way for me to fix this myself or do I need to send it back?

Otherwise I am very happy about the unit so thank you for creating such a good product!


Congrats on receiving your 8k. I have updated your title & added tag your topic issues.

@quorrateam will pull up a list of pimax team members. Submit a ticket using link in banner & post your support (supen) number here with @Dallas.Hao so he can monitor your ticket.


Thank you for the help! I am new and do not know how all this forum stuff works.

I have now created a ticket with number: SUPEN-828


Your welcome & welcome to the pimax forums! Also bumped your user level up one for your convenience.


Hi Anastas ,could you share your KS number so them that wait have a good idea which number we are up,many thanks


Several people with higher number has already reported receiving their device. I have a fairly low number and received the headset before Christmas, but because of vacation has not been able to test it much before now.


Also I only have a bad mobile camera, but was able to take the following pictures of the problem in case anyone have similar issue:


Can I have the date if arrival to update your title? :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Thanks for your topic and SUPEN-828

Please check the service desk(some backers don’t see service desk anymore after apply question,we will solve the problem ASAP and reply news in service desk)


@Anastas will it move when you shake the headset?please try and tell me.thank you


i think i have the same issue whit my 5k+ dust or stuck pixel but it looks like its dust under lens not sure either
tried air can to blow under lens but not easy to blow in the gap on max ipd or maybe its under the screen glass cover . its not moving when shake


Discussed this further with support team through the support-ticket system.
Last Wednesday (one week ago) I was promised a replacement and that I would receive a tracking number the next day. After this I have not heard anything else from support.

Could you please check what is going on and give me an update @Dallas.Hao @Doman.Chen



dust on the inside of the lens is not visible while wearing the headset. if you see dust specks while wearing the headset they are on the display.


I have the exact same issue with my 5+ I just received.


Sorry to hear. The team will be back in the office on the 11th. Support site might still be down.

@Dallas.Hao can you add him to earlybackers & assist this gentleman.


Looks like the support section is down. I’ll wait for their holiday to be over. Other than that, it’s a fantastic piece of hardware.


Sean recently reported i think that it has been fixed.


I just verified. It works again… :+1:


Backer 48xx, got headset at 2/11
I have exact the same issue with my 5k+, a 5+2 pixel dark line is in the center of right panel, visible while wearing the headset, not move by shake/hit the headset.
I dont know if it is dead pixel or dust, but it is too neat for a dust…

SUPEN-1980 created, please help @Dallas.Hao



Oh Boy. That would have to be a panel defect no?