8K-X release - any rough timeline?



Amother user said pimax sent him a panel & conducted a panel swap on reddit.

Interesting question would be if Razer phone’s Qhd 120hz hdr panels could be used in 5k+


And this question is interesting: is it possible to simply replace the panels in 8K / 5K + with any suitable ones in size and interface? (or, for example, on a panel of 5K +, if I suddenly wanted to make 5K + of 8K? :smile:)


Thatvis an interesting question. I would guess that base type might be set ie 5k+ or 8k.

With changing 5k panels to 8k likely wouldn’t work well due to no scaler.


Yeah, that sounds likely. Personally, I’d prefer a straight-up “backer’s discount”. That way I can keep my 8K as a backup, if my 8KX ever has a problem.


As an 8K-X backer, I am interested in buying my loaner 5K+ unit when the 8K-X is ready.

Will that be possible?


Ah, I sure hope some of those are going to California. I’m still waiting for my RMA. Although, I guess it really doesn’t matter where my replacement gets sent from. Only that you guys have my headset. It’s a chinese holiday, so I have no idea what the status of my replacement is.


Please PM me your SUPEN.


Alright. I Pmed you.


Got it, checking out your case.


Wouldn’t it be right to launch the flagship headset now before everyone jumps to the index? Pimax had an advantage two years ago but now things have changed

Whats the chance the 8K-X could have 4K OLED’s like in the Sony Xperia? Pimax always used the 4K Sharp panels from the older LCD Experior. How hard would it be for them to pack two of the new Sony 4K HDR OLED’s into the current design

Can you give us some indication of what to expect with the X?


Didn’t refresh rate. But woukd need to see if tgey have a 4k 16:9 (2160×3840) Oled vs the 21:9 (1644×3840)

This does however demonstrate aspect ratio & how the 8k is 8k due to a 32:9 aspect ratio. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:


I hope that 8K-X will move away a bit from the initial design, losing the useless large FOV and using all the panel for the normal FOV


yes , and full RGB panels not from 8k


Flagship as in much more costly then the current $800? I’m hoping the 8K-X has better panel utilization, and maybe some Aspherical lenses. As it stands, the 8K and 5K+ are difficult enough to run.


Gotta disagree with you there - there is nothing useless about the current Large FOV setting. After using Large FOV for so long now, dropping down to Normal feels like you’re looking through a pair of binoculars instead of a ski mask. The real stigma with Large FOV is the lens distortion at the peripheral view which can be corrected for with further refinements to the lens design and software distortion profile.


Well tell this to ppl with glasses. I guess 50 % of current users. And tell this to ppl with gfx lower than 2080Ti


but it’s a fact that most people use only normal FOV. If you don’t use something, no matter how good it is, it’s a waste.

To be clear, I also see difference with large FOV and I love it, but there are serious drawbacks:

  • distortion
  • even with a 2080Ti I can’t get a good performance/quality ratio
  • lenses created for large FOV reduce normal FOV resolution

All very nice, but is that possible for Pimax in acceptable time? You are talking about creating something that doesn’t exist yet, and that is objectively very challenging. You may need eye tracking for adaptive distortion correction, as much more expensive projects seem are doing.

Pimax 8K-X must be the product of current technologies and Pimax knowledge, leaving the experimental products to a more distant future. Reducing FOV to achieve more resolution is certainly an easier task than increasing it


Rgb rainbow. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Glass wearers are already used to less FoV. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:

Besides Skyrim supports Large on a 980ti. :wink:


So many gen2 display options available this year. @PimaxUSA have you considered these HDR bad boys for the 8K-X ?