8K-X release - any rough timeline?



I’m hoping they will use displays from last year because the new ones must have a long lead time


I hope not. Those displays are square, so wide field-of-view would be unavailable, unless you want a 170° FoV both horizontally and vertically.

I’d hope that Pimax would be able to find something with full RGB subpixels (like the 5K+, but higher res).


OK. Then I’ll fall back to the new Sony xperia 4K HDR OLEDS. That would make the ultimate ED device :slight_smile:


Not a big idea, according to the math

3456 × 3456 × 2 × 30 = 716.636.160 = 716 Mb/s = Required bandwidth for 1 fps

716 x 90 = 64Gb/s … That’ way too much

716 x 80 = 57Gb/s … Yeah! two 2080Ti with two independent VirtuaLink cables can do it at 80Hz!


Maybe with foveating rendering and data compression


If HP reverb is the new reference in terms of SDE, then the 8K-X needs more than 2160p vertically.


Sweet spot is too small to render everything at full res even with FR.
They can already improve FFR as much as possible or redesign the lenses to get perfect clarity everywhere, I am not sure if Xtal/StarVR achieved that.


Just realised in my forum sig it says ‘8K backer’, but I’m an 8K-X backer with a loaned 8K headset.

Anyway I can ask Pimax to change it please? Thanks


@Heliosurge can fix that.


There you go. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


The large fov is very good. It works great for me. I think adjusting the headset correctly is important.


I’m Black Belt 6° Dan in adjusting the headset, but you cannot completely get rid of the distortion in the large FOV


Mostly get rid of the distortion and what there is - it isn’t a huge issue compared to earlier.

I will take wide FOV and res anyday but we do have to be patient for GPU, drivers and developers to take advantage of it. For example - most of my usage is with a sim that is single thread optimised on Direct-X 11.

It kind of sucks but one hopes that one day in the near future it will migrate to Direct-X 12 or at least pump AI and physics calcs onto multiple processes scaling as able.


Blitze @Douglaster posted some good ideas on improving thread usage. Moving Piserver & other vr relator functions (vrcompositor) to last threads using affinity & increasing priority.


I believe the xtal is almost on par with the HP reverb in terms of clarity…shows that panels and lenses matter a lot even at a reduced resolution over a large fov compared to the pixel density on the HP reverb traditional fov. So perhaps all this talk about not being able to run native 4K/eye panels may mean the res of the 5k+ or hp reverb per eye is all we would need just with great panel utilization and bespoke aspherical lenses. Then again I know they are trying to future proof the 8k-x and not simply recreate an reverb with larger fov or xtal.


Hi Heliosurge.
I’m a 8Kx baker.
Can you change it?
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Tx Heliosurge. :+1:t2:

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