8K-X Status update?


I get both sides of the argument. I think the majority of 8kx backers are frustrated with the delays but aren’t looking to bring out the pitchforks and torches. I started this thread to get an update, some transparency and a possible time table… Or atleast to say they will give a time table after the 8k has begun production. Tell us what stage the current prototype is. Something, anything.

At very least could we get the system requirements for the 8k-x and what leave of performance we can expect with those system reqs or an estimate of when those will be available @xunshu


I am not suggesting they should work on the X first. I am asking for an update, just and update. They have been silent on the X. If it is going to be so simple maybe THEY could say this.
Unless only 10 ppl work at Pimax I would think they would at least have some sort of team or maybe one person doing some work on the X even if were only the planning stage and maybe the person could write a report once in a while that could result in an update.
The goal should not to placate 5k backers at the expense of 400, the goal should be to provide some information for everyone but the silence to the X backers if most deafening.


Not really. Only thing that was disclosed by Pimax on the subject was that 5K can do 90Hz. It does not necessarily mean that the scaler chip in 8K is the problem. It could also be 4K panel interface, not being able to cope with higher bandwidth (4K@90Hz).


Technically correct, but the problem is in the “backend” i.e. the rendering hardware. For 8K and 5K, the rendering hardware is one gfx card, which renders both left and right pictures at the same time (so to speak). For two 4K panels running at 90Hz you would need two cards, which would need to work in kind of sychronized mode (but not like SLI) i.e. rendering the pics for the left and right panel at the same time. How this should be done is yet to be seen.


They did say the X would be worked on after the 5k\8k its why only 400 units as it will be a developers model aa current gpus are not likely able to run it well. Why 1080 ti to possible dual card.

All the core advancements on the 5k & standard 8k benefit the X. The X will likely follow the original release schedule which if mem serves is 2 to 3 months after 5k\8k ships.

Since tge 8k-X has no scaler its not going to be hard to build. The real issue as @Cr4zyJ pointed out is more do they have a revised schedule & gpu performance/requirements.

From what I have read it could be interesting as there are articles on full 8k uhd gaming & its not overly pretty. Good news though only rendering half of that.

So at the end of the day your likely going to want multi-gpu &/or an 1180.

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That is something from my understanding 8n the VRwerks & Liquidvr for dx11 titles. Dx12 & vulkan are supposed to have multi gpu support baked in.

But yeah if they can get their vr server driver running with that baked in could reduce requirements to dual 980ti/1070 or Amd equivilents. If bw works well dial 60hz for perceived 120 for further improvements.


For my part, I am unconcerned with the GPU requirements. It’s been my plan all along to purpose build a system to run the X whether that means dual 1080 ti’s, the new titan or the new volta. I had thought the volta would be out by the time the X is anyways.

As to why only 400 of the X were sold, well, that was at least partly explained in the beginning when the idea of the X was only theoretical Also it cost $1k which kind of puts it at the high end of the market. I would have expected that someone would be charged with keeping a timeline on the X even if that person is just waiting for the 5/8 to get done there are still things to do. I have personal experience working in manufacturing and without some explanation why, I find it incongruous that no one is doing anything. Unless maybe Pimax really is just a company of 10 people.

My personal experience had to do with a company that made educational software.

My chief concern is the lack of any updates concerning the X.


Well truth the X came about when they discovered there were not initially able to get 4k/Eye only qhd/Eye was doable. Due to the community request they committed to the 8k-X as a special run(this was prior to ks launch).

I am sure they have ran bench tests on the screens with dual bridge chips. (Hence original projected requirements) But nothing in the hmd side as of yet; since the 5k\8k needed to be complete as a baseline (5k & 8k are the same save the 8k has the scaler). The 5k came to be due the community (VR Committee) prior to the kickstarter as well. Originally they were only working on the 8k; the v1 was showcased in Jan 2017.


I think they clearly said they would look at the 8K(X) once the 8K is done. And we are not quite there yet, right.

And that it is not expected to be a great issue because they just remove the upscaler and otherwise have dual cables and electronics, essentially just doubling what they already use now. The 90 Hz thing will depend on the issue they have, whether it is a mere upscaler issue or something more complex.

I for my part am patient with the 8K(X) because I will receive the 8K first, and that will already be enough challenge for my system.


True & they already had a dual input in the v2; the v2 used dual hdmi (1.4b i beleive); so they already have had a prototype that supported dual inputs. The v3 they moved to DP.


Not true. No need for a special sli setup to use the 8kx. Just use two of your dp-outputs of your graphics card. Similar to a multi-display setup.

Pimax mentioning that the 8kx needs next gen graphics just means that you would not be happy with the performance with entry-level vr-ready graphics available today. I use ss for some games with my 1080ti and using ss lets me see that i could already play many vr-titles in 2x4k vr now. It is just a compromise in graphics fidelity and/or fps that anyone with an 1060 and a vive or rift right now has to do, too.

And yes, of course you can drive the 8kx with lower than 2x 4k resolution. Why shouldn‘t that be possible? Either via ss setting below 1 or resolution setting in the game.


Hi Heliosurge, I to am an 8kx backer as well as the standard 8k and look forward to more information on the future of the 8kx development.
Since I have two computers i use for VR. My small computer has one 1080ti that i plan to continue to use with my Vive and the standard Pimax 8k when it arrives and my second highend computer has two liquid cooled 980ti that I plan two upgrade in the future once I find out what is required for the Pimax 8kx and what Nvidia will be offering, and then this machine will be totally dedicated to serving that hmd. So the sooner i know what gpu is needed then I can make plans to obtain the needed graphics card.
edit and would just like to add I always appreciate your input and nudges and whatever information you provide, right now I’m just really excited to be receiving my Pimax 8k in the not to distant future and like others can wait for the 8kx development, I don’t feel at all in any hurry but for the sake of those who maybe have only ordered the 8kx, ( I’m not sure how many that is) I agree that some info about the 8kx should be offered at this time, anything at all would be appreciated by them I would think. We’re all very excited by the latest develpments.


What’s your system specs ?


I too Am a 8kX backer I took the plunge today and orderd a 1080 ti to use for the 8k , planning in skipping the 1180 and going for Either the titan or 1180 ti when the 8kx releases .


You’ll be very happy with the 1080ti, just as a rough estimate I notice probably a 15 to 20% improvement over my seriously overclocked 1070 it was a good card. Nice to hear from a fellow 8kx backer since at the most there are only 400 of us in the world at this time.:blush:
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A rather modest system:


I will wait for the 1180Ti. Till then - heavy duty for my 980Ti, even with the 8K.
I would have considered the Titan - but has that not just been revealed at 3,000 $ ? Too much uplift for the approx. 8 months early availability and minimal performance gain compared to the 1180Ti (all obviously speculation interpolated from previous generations).


Hello Axacuatl,
It seems i have read a few of your previous post, but then again I have read so many things recently I’m finding it difficult to keep track. My question is are you also a Pimax 8kx backer and if so, I would just like to share as I stated earlier I’m waiting for what Nvidia’s next card like yourself and others I’m assuming, but in the meantime I recently upgraded my 1070 to a 1080ti after finding a deal on Newegg for a little over $700 US. If you watch you might find a good deal, unfortunately after a couple of days I found that their price for the same card is back to over 900 us dollars. My plans are to wait to upgrade my other dedicated computer, like you seem to be when their next 118oTi or whatever its called is offered by Nvidia.


I’m an 8K (non-X) backer and I’m planning to wait for the 1180Ti / 2080Ti too. I think VR can use as much GPU as you can afford. In the meantime, my 980Ti will just have to do. It’s possible that I might settle for an 1180 / 2080, if I can’t stand waiting, but it will all depend on whether or not the 980Ti is tolerable and (probably) whether or not Brain Warp will actually work as promised.


yes, for sure neal_white_iii,
the more gpu power the better. And i like you hope that the brainwarp is a success and other developments also succeed so that in the future we will not need such monster graphics power.


You are right. It should be possible to use it this way. However it would probably defeat the purpose of 8K-X as the “subsampling” would have to be significant basically degrading the experience to 8K/5K (i.e. 2560x1440).

On the other hand I did not write SLI is needed, quite contrary, probably something more like DX12 implements (GPU sharing).

Since you have 1080Ti, do you know, what is the maximal refresh rate supported by this card at 4K resolution when using DisplayPort? While the card is announced as DP 1.4 ready, I have not yet seen confirmed DP 1.4 speeds, e.g. 4K@90Hz on any hardware which is available today.